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WOUB Member Spotlight: Anne Holmes

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Anne Holmes has been a member of WOUB since 1986

ATHENS, OH – When Anne Holmes moved to Chillicothe in 1968, she felt a little lost.

“My husband, Nick, was from Chillicothe. We met in college. But I grew up in Canada,” said Anne. “There were many arts and cultural activities in Montreal. So, when I discovered WOUB, it was like a godsend. To have the programming available to me seven days week was hugely important.”

Anne is a retired stockbroker. Nick is a retired Ross County Common Pleas Court judge. The couple has two adult children and three grandchildren. Both Anne and Nick love public media. In fact, they love it so much that they contribute to two different stations.

“I give to WOUB, and Nick gives to WOSU in Columbus,” said Anne laughing. “That’s how we split it up.”

Anne is active in local politics and enjoys gardening in her spare time.

“I love vegetable gardening,” said Anne. “I grow asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, herbs and Swiss chard in my backyard garden.”

She also likes to knit and read.

“I get the biggest kick of knitting pumpkins in the fall. I think it’s fun because you can make your own pattern as you go,” said Anne. “As far as books go, I really enjoy reading classics and biographies.”

Anne found the PBS Ken Burns documentary series about Author Ernest Hemingway fascinating.

“I recently read The Sun Also Rises. So, it was interesting to watch the documentary series after reading that,” said Anne. “Hemingway is not somebody I think I would have liked in real life but he’s still a very interesting person. I like the way his characters are written. I think you actually get to know them somewhat. I also thought it was interesting that he could not stay with one woman. It’s like he moved on to a new wife to do research for his next book.”

Anne watches PBS every night. She says there is always something on that interests and educates her.

“The only television I watch is public television. I love all the science shows. I love Masterpiece and Call the Midwife. Call the Midwife deals with so many tough issues. Sometimes it has too many happy endings. But, with what they deal with, it doesn’t hurt to have happy endings.”

Anne is also an avid public radio listener. She regularly tunes into or streams WOUB FM and NPR. She also listens to CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Public radio is my primary source of news,” said Anne. “It has balanced news and information. That’s why public media is so important.”