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Dave Wingert’s successful career as a nationally syndicated radio personality started at WOUB

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Wingert graduated from Ohio University in 1970

ATHENS, OH – Dave Wingert, known to his radio listeners as “Wingy,” remembers how he discovered his passion for radio very vividly.

“When I got to Ohio University, I knew I was going to minor in theatre. But I had no idea what I was going to major in,” said Wingert. “At that time, WOUB was located in the basement of the theater building, and when rehearsing shows I would walk down the hallway, press my nose to the glass of the radio studio at WOUB and watch. I remember observing those on the air playing music and talking and thinking I could do that.” 

Wingert was raised in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. He chose Ohio University after visiting campus and just knowing that Athens, Ohio was the place for him. 

“My mother knew I was not going to be an engineer,” Wingert said laughing. “So, we went looking for a fine arts college. She took me around to colleges within driving range. When we visited Ohio University, there was just something about the campus that made me feel right at home.”

After a few times peering in the window of the radio studio at WOUB, Wingert started volunteering at the station. Eventually he auditioned to be the morning radio host and got the job. 

“Those were the golden days,” said Wingert. “I woke up early to host the morning program, and then went to class tired. But it was worth it. Radio was just it for me and those years hosting the mornings at WOUB were the best three and a half years of my life.” 

After he graduated in 1970, Wingert stayed with cousins in Long Island, New York and drove up and down the east coast putting in applications and looking for a job. He landed his first position at WELI Radio in New Haven, Connecticut where he hosted on the weekends.

Wingert wasn’t in that job very long when he got a job offer to be the morning host for a radio station in Mount Kisco, New York. After that, Wingert’s career took several twists and turns which included several stints at radio stations in Omaha, Nebraska, a place he loved. But when opportunity came calling, Wingert went to Seattle and worked there for 20 years. Wingert hosted the midday shift for KLSY and then the Jones Radio Network invited him to create a nationally syndicated radio show called Dave Til Dawn. The show ran for about six years and was heard on almost 100 stations across the country. After the show ended, Wingert realized he missed Nebraska and decided it was time to go back.

“There’s something about Omaha and Nebraska that just work for me,” said Wingert.

Wingert is now the morning host at Boomer Radio in Omaha. He has also been inducted into the Nebraska Broadcasting Association’s Hall of Fame as a “Legendary Personality.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am without WOUB and Ohio University,” said Wingert. “At WOUB, we got to do everything. We got hands-on experience with everything that the business entails. It was a family. Everybody supported one another, and there was a supportive, fun energy. I’m so appreciative of the opportunity WOUB gave me.”