Hardwood Heroes — January 23, 2021

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Episode two of Hardwood Heroes covers all of the in the TVC-Ohio. On this episode, we’ll be covering the latest, games, scores and storylines from the past week.

Our episode kicks off in the TVC-Hocking with a look at the recent matchup between Trimble and Belpre, as well as a closer look into the Lady Tomcat’s starting five and their journey through the past four years.

Then, we travel to Reedsville to see how the Eastern Eagles teams faired in their recent games against South Gallia and Waterford.

Finally, we wrap up our look at the TVC-Hocking with a look at Federal Hocking and how both teams fared on the court after two-weeks of postponed games following COVID-19 cancellations.

Our show then takes a look into the heated TVC-Ohio title race and the matchups that happened in the past week. We first take a look at the double header matchups between Nelsonville-York and Vinton County in a dual segment, and examine what it means for the TVC-Ohio Girls title race.

We then take a look at how the Meigs Marauders fared in their first game since 2021, as well as a preview of the Lady Marauders’ upcoming matchups.

Lastly, we end our show with a look at this week’s Beyond the Court Segment on Athens, followed by a look at the recent rivalry matchup between the Athens Bulldogs and Alexander Spartans.

Hardwood Heroes airs new episodes every Sunday at 11 p.m. and Monday at 6 p.m. on WOUB-HD 20.1.