houses are scattered across the landscape in the Burren, Ireland

In the countryside of Ireland is “The Burren: Heart of Stone” – March 17 starting at 9 pm

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Two-part documentary airs Thursday, March 17

Part one – 9:00 pm         Part two – 10:00 pm

In the countryside of County Clare, Ireland, is the Burren, a mysterious place unlike anywhere else, with deep caves, a stony landscape, and ancient dolmens, ring forts, and castles. The two-part documentary series THE BURREN: HEART OF STONE, narrated by award-winning Irish actor Brendan Gleeson, unveils the secrets hidden in the stones of this dramatic wind-swept countryside.


Wide shot landscape of the Burren in Ireland
The Burren, a vast wild place

Part 1 – Symphony of Life

Explore the natural cycles of the seasons in the Burren. Discover spectacular scenes from the natural world, prehistoric Celtic rainforests, formations of rocks and underground caverns, disappearing lakes, and see the wildlife that inhabit this mysterious landscape.


Part 2 – Song of our Ancestors

Episode 2 unravels the secrets of the Burren’s mysterious landscape and those who lived on it. What did Ireland look like when the nomadic hunters arrived? Who lived in Ireland in prehistoric times? Did prehistoric farmers irreversibly alter the landscape? And is modern Irish society descended from those who lived there more than 10,000 years ago?