Athens International Film and Video Festival 2022 brings over 200 films from all over the world to the Athena Cinema through April 7

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The Athens International Film and Video Festival has arrived at the Athena Cinema (20 South Court Street), where students, locals, and even internationals have gathered to share their films. The festival kicked off April 1 and will come to a close April 7.

Athens International Film and Video Festival (AIFVF) Director David Colagiovanni said the festival consists of a great variety of about 250 films from all around the world.

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 festival was postponed for a year but made its comeback last October with a 10-day festival consisting of a combination of the 2020 and 2021 films.

Out of 2,200 films submitted through the competition process this year, 235 films were chosen from 41 countries and are now showing at the cinema.

With a film being presented almost every minute, Athena Cinema workers including projectionists are making sure to stay active and keep the films rolling.


“Typically we would just play a movie and then wait for it to run but with this, there are shorts so we get to feel as if we are more apart of it and watch more of the films,” said Athena projectionist Malaya Tindongan.

The festival will continue to take place for the remainder of the first week of April from morning to nighttime, and you can find the full schedule of films and associated events at