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WOUB Employee Spotlight: Traffic and Promotions Coordinator Caiti Mohler

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Mohler has been working at WOUB since 2013

ATHENS, OH – As a child growing up in Nelsonville, Caiti Mohler had what she calls an “extreme interest” in television.

“I can remember being very young, watching my favorite programs, and counting cuts and thinking about camera angles, long before I ever knew what those things were,” said Mohler.

That genuine curiosity led Mohler to pursue a Bachelor of Communication at Ohio Dominican University. Upon graduation, she returned home to southeast Ohio to work in television.

“I held my breath as I applied for what would become my first job in television, master control operator,” said Mohler. “My time spent in master control at WOUB provided me with a lot of specific knowledge to help prepare me for the position I have now.”

Mohler is currently the traffic and promotions coordinator at WOUB.

“There are two primary aspects to my job. First, I find promotional material that will be scheduled for air during breaks between our programs. I then add audio and graphic tags to each spot. A graphic tag is text that reads the day and time that the program being promoted will air. An audio tag is the voice you hear reading the text. The second aspect is that I schedule these spots for air on four of our six channels.”

Being a southeastern Ohio native, Mohler says she is proud to work at WOUB because she knows how important it is to the community.

“Creating the promotions is my favorite part of what I do. It allows me the chance to be creative while doing something I really enjoy – editing. Most of all, I know the work I do makes a difference for our viewers and for WOUB,” said Mohler. “When I was first hired, graphic and audio tags were something we didn’t do at that time. It has been a huge project and goal of mine to bring back the tags so our viewers know when they can catch their favorite programs and to know that WOUB looks the best it can on air, even during breaks. It makes me proud to know that I was able to contribute in making an impact to our overall on-air appearance and in making a difference for our viewers. WOUB is a staple in our community for news, information, entertainment, education and so much more. It’s a special feeling to be a part of something so prestigious and quintessential.”

Mohler is a mother to three young children and says being able to work from home through the pandemic has helped her find a positive work/life balance.

“Pre-pandemic I would often feel stretched, very thin between motherhood and career. Finding a work/life balance was awfully hard,” said Mohler. “Being able to work from home full time has allowed me to find that balance. More time at home to spend with the kids, do chores, etc., naturally allows for more time to focus on my career and has alleviated the feeling of guilt on both sides.”

Now, as a mother, Mohler looks back on her “extreme interest” in television as a child and thinks about the stress it sometimes caused her own mother. But knowing how it all ended up relieves some of the pangs of guilt.

“My mom took me to SUN Television and Appliances on two different occasions when I was around the age of five. Both times – she lost me, momentarily,” said Mohler. “With some help from security, both times, I was found staring, mesmerized by the giant wall of televisions for sale. The joke now is in the irony that my career in television started in master control with me staring at a giant wall of televisions.”