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The unofficial results for the Ross County 2022 primary elections

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ROSS COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) – Here are the unofficial results for the Ross County 2022 primary elections.

Republican Jack Everson won in a race for the County Commissioner nomination against David Byers, 3,190 to 2,775. Everson will face Democrat Doug Corcoran in the November election.

Voters struck down the Income Tax for Adena Local School District, 706 to 546.

Also struck down was the 3 Mill EMS Tax Levy in Harrison Township, 169 to 60.

Meanwhile, the 3 Mill Fire and EMS Tax Levy in Twin Township passed, 228 to 219.

With only one vote in Ross County, the Miami Trace Local School District 3.2 Mill Tax Levy renewal passed, with the majority of the votes being passed in Fayette County.

Per Ohio law, these results are considered unofficial until the final official canvas is completed in three weeks.

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