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The rise of racism, replacement theory and the growing fear in Black Americans

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A recent Washington Post-Ipsos poll conducted after the killing of 10 blacks in Buffalo in a racially motivated shooting spree indicates that 75 percent of Black Americans “are worried that they or someone they love will be attacked because of their race.”

In addition, after the attack, “only 10 percent think the problem of racism will improve in their lifetime, while a 53 majority think it will get worse.”

The Poll also found that a “70 percent majority of Black Americans think at least half of White Americans hold white supremacist beliefs” and 75 percent say, “white supremacists are a major threat to Black Americans.”

Such is the state of race relations in America.

Considering this rise in racism, racial violence, and escalating fear, WOUB’s Spectrum Podcast reached out to two Black women professionals to get their unique perspectives.

We talked with Dr. Janice Collins, an author, scholar, teacher, and journalist. Dr. Collins is the author of “250 Years and Still A Slave.” She also is a multicultural humanitarian.

Also joining the conversation is Judge Gayle Williams Byers of the South Euclid Ohio Municipal Court. Judge Byers also is a Judicial Fellow at the National Judicial College and is president-elect of the American Judges Association.

They outline the rise of racism in America, the dangers of those espousing “replacement theory” and the growing fear of Black Americans. They also discuss the role of media in promoting dangerous conspiracy theories.