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WOUB Employee Spotlight: Broadcast Traffic and Production Coordinator Josh Miller

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Miller started working at WOUB in 2015

ATHENS, OH – WOUB Broadcast Traffic and Production Coordinator Josh Miller combined his love of two things when he took a job at WOUB Public Media: Ohio University and public television.

“I graduated from Ohio University with a major in video production and a minor in film studies and documentary,” said Miller. “I worked at Think TV in Dayton in the production and traffic departments before moving back to Athens in 2015. I was hired at Casa Nueva as a bartender and sound engineer until I secured my first position at WOUB in underwriter traffic. Since then, my position has slowly grown into what it is today.”

Miller was recently promoted to broadcast traffic and production coordinator. He grew up in Urbana, Ohio near Dayton and has always loved to create in the forms of video production, music, photography, cooking, painting and stained-glass work.

“I love creating things, especially media that I know helps to educate, represent, and entertain a local community, and the people you get to meet and the places you get to go are another perk of a production job.”

Miller says working at WOUB is the perfect fit for him, even though now working at WOUB doesn’t always mean physically being in the office in Athens.

“For all the horrors the pandemic has brought upon us, I also think it has brought about a great revolution in how many of us perceive the workplace,” said Miller. “The flexibility that has come with working from home has greatly improved my mental health and that of many others. I do miss being out and about and seeing coworkers some days though.”

Through Miller’s education at Ohio University and his time at Think TV, Miller believes he was well-prepared for his new position.

“I love knowing I work for a local public media station that informs and educates our community without bias or condescension and provides access to music and entertainment that many wouldn’t find elsewhere.”