Nelsonville City Council appoints new member to fill vacant seat

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NELSONVILLE, Ohio (WOUB) – The seat of an ousted former council member was filled at  Nelsonville’s City Council meeting Monday.

New councilmember Doug Childs takes his seat at the council meeting on June 27.
Douglas Childs – Nelsonville City Council [Ayden Crowley | WOUB ]
Douglas Childs was unanimously appointed to the council after a short interview by council members.

The council seat became vacant after the city removed former council member Greg Smith for the fourth time in February. Smith has challenged his removal in a series of legal actions.

Childs is a 30-year army veteran who focused on leadership development during his service. 

He said he made the decision to join the council to push the city of Nelsonville forward.

“I was complaining about potholes in the streets, and someone said if you want to complain about it, how about you do something about it,” Childs said. “They said you should try out for City Council. So I did and here I am. I’m excited to see whatever I can do to help the city move forward.” 

Childs says his big goal is to bring new business to Nelsonville. 

“For me it’s economic development,” he said. “And in order to encourage outside investment you have to make the city safe, you have to make the city clean, and that starts with simple things like infrastructure.”

Childs makes his first full appearance on council when they meet July 11.