The Dairy Barn hopes the city approves a much needed water line

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ATHENS, Ohio (WOUB) — The Dairy Barn, a historic landmark that has been in Athens for more than 100 years, has no protection against a fire.

Dairy_BarnIt’s looking to install a sprinkler system, but cannot get it installed without a sufficient water line. And for that, it needs the city’s approval.


The Dairy Barn plays a significant role in the art culture in Athens. Dairy Barn Executive Director Leah Magyary said its role in the community is to “provide a place where we can celebrate the power of art and community building.” But, without a sprinkler system in place, the barn and art that fills the walls is at-risk.

The Dairy Barn is looking at more expensive plans if the water line does not get approved by the city, but the sprinkler system would be the most convenient and cost-efficient.

Currently, the city of Athens is waiting on bids for a sewer line project and will then decide if the city has the funding to move forward with a water line.