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Micro Wrestling delivers big thrills to the Jackson County fair

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WELLSTON, Ohio (WOUB) — Micro Wrestling stole the show at the Jackson County fair on Wednesday. The match brought laughs and joy to those watching from the packed stands, but it also taught an important lesson to some in attendance.

One young audience member, Tenley Carter, found inspiration from the two women in the ring, mainly coming from her favorite wrestler, Pinky Shortcake.

“I just thought she was really cool and she was the only girl, and she was really brave to go up against the boys and stuff.” 

A member of Micro Wrestling pins another while a referee counts at the Jackson County fair
[Jacob Motta | WOUB]
The match referee, Little Miss, knew that she and Pinky were an inspiration for the kids in the audience, especially the little girls.

“The little girls, they see us, you know hey we can do anything the boys can do even if it’s a boys sport,” Little Miss said after the match.

The Micro Wrestling Federation features a cast of professional wrestlers all under 5 feet tall. They have recently begun performing for fundraisers as  well for communities in need. MWF owner Jack Darrell realized the opportunity for these fundraisers was possible after many organizations were looking to purchase the show.

“I would get five or six phone calls a month from people looking to do one fundraiser,” he said. “I would tell them, hey, you have to buy the show for $10,000. Then I thought about it, people are calling me for these fundraisers. They don’t have $10,000 to buy the show.”

The employees of MWF have bought into the idea of performing in order to help communities in need as well. Little Miss realized that the shows are sometimes bigger than the performance itself, and it makes her feel like she is making a difference.

“To be able to help out and give back to the community, it’s an inspiration,” she said. “It makes you feel good, you know, and it’s important to me, you know, because the community helps us and we wanna help them.”

The MWF is working on acquiring a TV deal and hopes that one day soon it can acquire its own building in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where it is based, in order to keep growing its brand.