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Ohio Football travels to Cleveland for MAC Media Day ahead of the new season

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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOUB) – Ohio Football kicked off the start of the 2022 season with a trip to Cleveland for MAC media day. 

Media, players and coaches were in attendance for the event at the House of Blues for a chance to talk about what’s to come in the upcoming season.

Sign of the front stage for MAC Media Day that reads "2022 MAC Football Kickoff"
Sign of the front stage for MAC Media Day [Ayden Crowley | WOUB]
The day started with words from Mid-American Conference commissioner Jon Steinbrecher addressing the MAC’s plan for the future.

Many were anticipating the discussion about any potential realignment in the conference.

The landscape of college football has been shifting after Oklahoma and Texas departed from the Big 12 last year as many conferences look to compete with the SEC.

Steinbrecher says that a variety of conferences is important to the health of the sport. 

“What I think and feel strongly about is that the enterprise of collegiate athletics is more robust and is healthier when it has a number of vibrant and stable conferences,” he said.   

Steinbrecher is also confident in the location and culture of the current MAC, who does not plan on expanding.

“We have tremendous geography, it works,” he said. “Our culture and our philosophies are very well in line. We are very protective of that.” 

Three Bobcats were in attendance for the event: Head Coach Tim Albin, Quarterback Kurtis Rourke and Defensive Tackle Kai Caesar.

Ohio Football Team's table for MAC Media Day set with a white and black helmet and name tags for Kai Caesar and Tim Albin.
Ohio Football Team’s table for MAC Media Day [Ayden Crowley | WOUB]
It was Tim Albin’s second time at the event as he enters his sophomore season at the helm of the team. Albin is taking the experience gained from his first season into year two. 

“I’m certain that I am a better parent to my second child than I am to my first,” he said. “One thing I’ve learned is that coming off last year I’ve got to do a better job of delegating. In the offseason we clearly defined some roles within the staff and in some cases redefined and then let them do their job.” 

One of the guys Albin will be looking to for help is new defensive coordinator Spence Nowinsky. 

Nowinsky comes to Athens after three years with the Miami Redhawks as their co-defensive coordinator. 

Caesar is excited about the energy that Nowinsky provides. 

“He’s a great person,” he said. “Coach Nowinsky, he brings that energy everyday. I’m matching that energy, ya know, being a player. And we move forward with what we got going on.” 

Coach Albin also looks to Redshirt Junior Kurtis Rourke to carry some of the load on offense. 

Rourke says he has been working on his confidence to take the next step and lead the team. 

“I know I have a lot to offer but I know I have a lot of teammates around me that can help bring out the best,” he said. “So I just have to be confident on the field and that will bring some wins.”

The Bobcats will look to bring it all together on Sept. 3 for their week one game against the Florida Atlantic Owls.