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Chris Witherspoon is an entertainment journalist and entrepreneur

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Chris Witherspoon has become a powerful entertainment journalist who has interviewed top-level celebrities throughout his career. Guest host Emily Votaw talks to Witherspoon about his career and his projects.

He also appears as a regular on MSNBC, the TODAY show, the Wendy Williams Show, and NBC’s Nightly News giving his insights on entertainment news.

But his latest project shows his entrepreneurial side. He has created PopViewers, a website and an app.

According to its website,, “PopViewers is the platform that helps you find what to watch next, invites you to react to the TV shows and movies you’ve watched, and encourages you to share the experience with fellow content-lovers.”

Witherspoon’s intent is to give the common person a voice in content creation and the direction of entertainment media…just like the established critics. PopViewers democratizes public opinion about media content.

He also wants to give a forum for diverse voices to be heard about media produced by major media companies and register those diverse opinions.

You can see more about PopViewers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.