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The Midwest is Converting from the Rust Belt to high-tech haven says author

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The Rust Belt of the Midwest is transitioning to the Tech Belt of the heartland and that story is being told by author, CNBC contributor, and media entrepreneur Rebecca Fannin.

Her latest book, “Silicon Heartland” paints the picture of “fly-over country” emerging from the depression of the collapsing Rust Belt industries to a new entrepreneurial spirit with high-tech companies.

Fannin views this transition with a seasoned journalistic eye. Her career has spanned from New York to Silicon Valley to Asia.

She has been a guest on the BBC, Fox News, and NPR. Her writing has ranged from three previous books to articles for the Harvard Business Review, Inc., Fast Company, and Forbes.

She also has been a guest speaker at Harvard, Yale, Oxford, the Brookings Institution, and the Asia Society.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fannin explored her homeland, the Midwest. She tells the story of Midwestern rebirth that everyone else has ignored.

Hear her talk about her journeys and the many interviews she had with people trying to rebuild with high technology concepts.