Wheelersburg routs Waverly to uphold their top of SOC status

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WAVERLY, Ohio (WOUB) — Tonight, the 3-4 Waverly Tigers welcomed the 5-2 Wheelersburg Pirates for a Friday night SOC showdown.

Wheelersberg QB Eli Jones started off strong, but not before handing off to Creed Warren, who fought his way to the end zone for the first score of the game. Pirates up 7-0, and they didn’t stop there.

Just two minutes later, Jones found his way to the end zone to give the Pirates another score, advancing two touchdowns on the home team. To start the second, Wheelersburg RB Ethan Glover took the snap in a Wildcat formation and sprinted into the end zone, just eight minutes into the quarter, Pirates up 21-0.

Toward the end of the quarter, the Wheelersburg offense continued to dominate. Creed Warren ran half the field to give the Pirates their second TD of the quarter to bring the score to 28-0.

To close the half, Jones threw a dime to Eric Lattimore who sprinted untouched to the endzone, making the score at halftime 35-0. 

Although the Pirates dominated the first half, it was the Tigers who opened the half with a score. QB Mason Kelly handed off to Jase Hurd to put the first set of Waverly points on the board.

The Wheelersburg offense responded quickly, and the Pirates put another touchdown on the board with a handoff to Glover who found his way to the end zone again. But the Tigers weren’t done.

Jase Hurd made a statement and ran into the end zone to give Waverly their second touchdown of the night. The Pirates quickly responded again, when Creed Warren brought it in to make the score 49-14.

This is how the game would end, with the Pirates on top, making their record 6-2 as a top three team in the region.