The Athens High School entrance on Johnson Road.
The Athens High School entrance on Johnson Road. [WOUB photo | Michelle Rotuno-Johnson]

The Athens Bulldogs defeat the Marietta Tigers to make it to the mens soccer district semi-finals.

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Athens, Ohio (WOUB)- The Athens boy’s soccer team beat the Marietta Tigers 4-2 at Logan High School Wednesday night in the district semi-final game.

In the first half of the game, Athens dominated the midfield to put pressure on the Tigers and make it difficult for them to score. Their aggressive gameplay allowed the Bulldogs to score seven minutes into the game thanks to a goal by Austin Juanarajas.
Eight minutes later, Alex Hendrickson found Owen Buckley on the cross to give them a two-point lead.
In the middle of the second half, Marietta scored. Mac Threet assisted Cameron Davis.
Athens made it a two-goal lead again after Brady Juanarajas found an opening and shotthe ball into the back of the net to make it 3-1.
This wasn’t the end for Marietta. With six minutes remaining the Tigers scored off a corner kick to make it 3-2.
But once again, Juanarajas scored to secure a 4-2 victory. The Bulldogs head to the district final Saturday.