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Camp-in-a-Box program helps after-school providers accelerate learning during out-of-school time

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The program is part of Ohio Learns 360

ATHENS, OH – WOUB Public Media’s Learning Lab is working with after-school programs around the region to address disruptions to learning caused during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ohio Learns 360 Camp-in-a-Box program, which is a partnership between Ohio’s eight PBS stations and the Ohio Department of Education, is designed to help accelerate learning for kindergarten through 5th grade students during out-of-school time. It provides area programs with curriculum kits which contain all the materials and resources to implement five activities. Incorporating a multi-media approach and PBS Kids resources, the five sessions of standards-aligned content provide hands-on activities with a facilitator’s guide.  The first round of Camp-in-a-Box curriculum kits are currently being distributed to area programs.

“It has been such a great experience getting to create relationships with our area programs while providing materials they can implement in their after-school programs to supplement instructional time,” said WOUB Childhood/Elementary Education Specialist Lisa Kinnard. “It is truly heartwarming to get insight into the dedication of the teachers in our area after-school programs. For instance, many of the after-school teachers in the Gallia-Vinton Educational Services Center (ESC) are full-time teachers who also teach at their after-school program. Not only are they teaching all day, but they also spend their evening running after-school programs as well. And now they have taken time to participate in our Camp-in-a-Box program to provide their students with additional educational experiences.”

While distributing the kits, Kinnard has learned how some programs have experienced funding cuts and the Camp-in-a-Box program provides them with much needed supplies.

“One teacher shared that this has opened her eyes to what they can be doing in their programs,” said Kinnard. “Programs seem excited to put the camps into action and often begin planning for implementation with their colleagues during the training. One program was excited to incorporate one of the lessons into their upcoming family night.”

The next round of Camp-in-a-Box curriculum kits will be ready to distribute at the beginning of December and will include:

Winter Fun Camp (Grades K-2) Session Topics

  • Exploring Shadows
  • Snowflake Science
  • Animals in Winter
  • Humans in Winter
  • Winter Sports

Winter Survival Camp (Grades 3-5) Session Topics

  • Hibernation, Migration and Adapt to Survive – A Survival Game
  • Hibernation – Design a Warmer Dog House
  • Migration – Feed the Birds
  • Staying Active with Adaptations – Tracks in the Snow
  • Staying Active with Adaptations – Winter Survival for Humans

Any program who works with children during out-of-school time can participate in the Camp-in-a-Box program. If programs are interested in the next Camp-in-a-Box curriculum kits, they can contact the WOUB Learning Lab at woublearninglab@woub.org to schedule a training session.

“We go over the contents of the kit, how to use the facilitator guide, review the aligned standards, explore PBS LearningMedia resources, and try out a few activities ourselves,” said Kinnard.

After-school providers can earn professional development hours by completing the training and leave with a Camp-in-a-Box kit. Training sessions are designed to ensure educators feel comfortable implementing the activities upon taking the kits to their programs.


About Ohio Learns 360

Ohio Learns 360, which aims to reach kindergarten through fifth-grade students from underserved communities, kicked off this spring and continues through September of 2024. The Ohio Department of Education is providing $5,000,000 in funding through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER), first authorized by Congress in 2020.


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