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WOUB Member Spotlight: Julie Finlay

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Finlay became a member of WOUB in 2019

ATHENS, OH – In 2019, Julie Finlay moved to Athens, Ohio with her husband who had accepted a job in IT at Ohio University. Finlay says she has found a home she loves in southeast Ohio and a radio station she loves in WOUB.

“We moved to Athens from San Antonio, Texas, and I immediately started looking for my public radio station. NPR and public radio is a place where I can trust what I’m hearing. I turn it on when I’m in the car or in the shower. It’s a constant for me,” said Finlay. “I was so happy when I found it and felt connected pretty quickly. I heard Chris Riddle hosting during Morning Edition, found him on Twitter and started following him. I realized he was just a regular guy. I really liked that.”

Finlay is a retired communications and marketing strategist, who also worked as a journalist earlier in her career. In her retirement, she has found joy in volunteering in the community. Finlay is an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America). As a VISTA member, she works with Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area (OHCHA). OHCHA encompasses Appalachian Ohio’s original 29 designated counties, plus Fairfield and Pickaway. The goal of the organization is to promote heritage activities throughout the region and to provide networking opportunities for individuals, organizations, and communities interested in the preservation and sustainable development of the historical, cultural, recreational, and economic resources of the region.

“I really like working with the organization,” said Finlay. “It appealed to me because many of my ancestors came from southeast Ohio and the idea behind the group is to appreciate the heritage and culture of this area by creating destination tourism and not being ashamed of being Appalachian. It’s kind of cool for me to be able to appreciate my ancestors in this way.”

Finlay also volunteers her time helping at the Athens County Food Pantry.

“We moved here right after Joe Burrow helped raise a great deal of money for the food pantry,” said Finlay. “I am enjoying the work I’m doing there and helping them think about how the new funds raised can be used in new and different ways to help the people of this area.”

Finlay says she’s proud to work with both organizations because she knows they are doing important work in the community. That’s also why she’s also proud to be a member of WOUB.

“WOUB and NPR are unbiased, real, intelligent, and fact-based comfort,” said Finlay. “It’s a safe space for me to learn about what’s going on locally, nationally and around the world.”