To connect with people, care about them, says leadership expert Mark C. Crowley

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In this episode we discuss how human beings are typically influenced by feelings and emotions, and why the heart – and not just the brain — drives motivation and achievement. Our guest, Mark Crowley, spent 25 years in banking and financial services, and once led nearly 2,000 investment brokers to record-breaking performance. Before that role, Mark had no direct experience selling stocks, but his results were so strong the firm named him “leader of the year” in his first year. These days, Mark is a speaker, consultant and writer. And today he tells us about the new edition of his classic book, Lead From the Heart. He explains that leadership today involves connecting on a personal level, heart-to-heart. And he suggests that — whether you’re leading a company or a family — people are more likely to do well if you lead with caring and emotion. For more see: