Suggested Listening ’22: Alan “Corduroy” Brown

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It’s that time of year again! WOUB Culture has reached out to a variety of folks involved in various capacities with the music and arts throughout WOUB’s diverse coverage region to inquire: “what have you been listening to this year, my friend?” Find their answers on WOUB Culture all throughout the month of December. 

A promotional image of Alan Corduroy Brown. He is wearing a yellow shirt and is against a white wall.
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About Corduroy Brown. (Me)

Rock/Pop musician from the bustling music scene in Huntington, WV. Corduroy’s near death experience with Covid left a lasting impact on every moment of his life and every lyric of his songs. 

In each song you can find a bit of hope, and a new perspective to living this one life we have a little better. Listen here:

Hey WOUB family! I’m back again with a little bit of what I’ve been listening to this year! This is one of my favorite things to be part of. Sometimes songs really shape your life and capture a time period…which leads to a lot of memories, good or bad! 

Anyway, let’s get into it! 

1. One of my favorite discoveries this year is the band Lylak from Lexington, KY. They’re some of the most chill, vibe-y guys and girls and have a way with their words and harmonies that really does make you feel something. MY favorite song is “Balance Beam.” I think I’ve always been super aware of energy and feelings around me. This song is melancholy, but to me, it explores the feelings of nervousness about being in love again, but always kind of laying all of the cards on the table….good, bad or ugly.

2. This list wouldn’t be proper without a high dosage of Paramore. I got a chance to see them in Cincinnati this year and it makes maybe the sixth or seventh time seeing them — if you count the times I’ve seen them on cruise ships.

Hayley always talks about us all growing up together… Like they’re in their 30s now and a lot of the day one fans are the same age. We’ve all seen life in the same time frame. I’ll always be a fan. I love all of their music, but especially the “After Laughter” album. This is one of my “desert island” albums that I would take with me.

Their song “Idle Worship” is a deep cut. It’s hard to put it into the right words, but there’s always a rollercoaster of emotions when you’re a performer. When it’s amazing and the lights are on, the guitars are loud, it’s pure bliss..but when the lights are off, and you’re stuck with your thoughts, it’s lonely honestly. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll always be chasing that next high. You just want more and more, then people expect more and more of you. That middle ground almost never exists, yet you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

3. John R. Miller has changed the way I look at music completely. I think everyone on this list has written things that speak to the thoughts that constantly rattle in my head. “Faustina” is my most streamed song from him and maybe all this year.
I’m just going to let the song speak to you because I can’t do it justice.

4. Cole Chaney has been another country artist that let me just relax and get lost in my mind. His song “Another Day In the Life” speaks on being in the moment. It’s a taste of my own medicine that was much needed. I preach all the time about being present with the loved ones around you, but i often forget and get overwhelmed and stretched too thin. This song reminds you to call your family, go outside, appreciate the moments that aren’t going to be forever.

5. Okay… last one is a guilty pleasure. I’ve never been into musicals, but the “Les Misérables” soundtrack SLAPS. There isn’t a bad song/scene between Valjean’s epiphany of “Who Am I?” or the comical “Master of the House” from the innkeepers.

The song that gets me most is “A Heart Full of Love” where This song takes place  directly after Cosette begs Valjean to trust her with his  past. After the argument, she goes outside to find Marius at the gates, having been led there by Eponine.. The two pronounce their love to each other while Éponine looks on. Heartbroken, she realizes that her chances with Marius were never really a possibility. Shew, sad stuff.

Anyway, that’s it. Cherish your time with the great people around. Make memories. Do all of the things. Happy holidays and happy new year!

– Alan “Corduroy” Brown