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WOUB Learning Lab brings services to the Chauncey Public Library

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ATHENS, OH – The Chauncey Public Library is a one room facility that serves as the hub of activity for the small Athens County community. That’s why the recent partnership between the WOUB Learning Lab and the Chauncey Public Library is having such a positive impact for the youth of the community.

“Until recently, I didn’t know the support that was available to librarians and educators through the WOUB Learning Lab,” said Chauncey Youth Services Librarian Ellie Hamrick. “I did not know how much was offered, and it’s wonderful.”

Over the last couple of months, the WOUB Learning Lab has worked in partnership with the Chauncey Public Library to offer STEM activities as well as PBS Kids programming and activities at the library, the most recent being an activity where those in attendance could create light-up, pop-up holiday cards.

“It’s tricky programming for Chauncey because any programming we do has to be able to reach all ages. We never know who is going to show up. So, the holiday cards were perfect because it was educational for all ages,” said Hamrick.

“I have really enjoyed working with Chauncey Public Library, from my first time in their facility, it was apparent how the community utilizes the resources the library offers. It is a small, intimate, and busy space,” said WOUB Childhood/Elementary Education Specialist Lisa Kinnard. “It is evident that the librarians have relationships with people in the community, and I was really excited to be welcomed back to add to their programming.”

Hamrick also participated in the Ohio Learns 360 Camp-in-a-Box program through WOUB, which is a partnership between Ohio’s eight PBS stations and the Ohio Department of Education. It is designed to help accelerate learning for kindergarten through 5th grade students during out-of-school time and provides area programs with curriculum kits which contain all the materials and resources to implement activities. Incorporating a multi-media approach and PBS Kids resources, the sessions of educational standards-aligned content provide hands-on activities with a facilitator’s guide.

“The Camp-in-a-Box training was great. It provided free activities that are ready to go. We have several families who come to our library that homeschool, and I had them in mind while taking the training. These activities have a premade lesson plan for those families,” said Hamrick. “Lisa has been great to work with and the families that come to the library have really appreciated everything she has done.”

“I think it is important to foster these partnerships as you never know how the relationship can develop and open new opportunities to connect to our community,” said Kinnard. “WOUB has many great resources to share, and I am honored to connect programs with our resources while building relationships and meeting families in our community.”