Vinton County Boys’ and Athens Girls’ lead the TVC-Ohio to kick off the ’22-’23 season

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TVC-Ohio Boys’ Standings


Vinton County Vikings – 5-1 (3-0)

After splitting the conference crown with Alexander Spartans last season, the Vikings are leading the pack early. They are proving to be an early title favorite with several key conference wins, including a hard-fought victory against a now-veteran Alexander team. Vinton County will be headed to Chillicothe for an out-of-conference matchup on Tuesday.

Nelsonville-York Buckeyes – 6-3 (3-1)

Thanks to a strong rotation, the Buckeyes are nearing last season’s win total of seven through nine games while standing second in the TVC-Ohio. The squad has a demanding schedule in the coming weeks, with benchmark games against Trimble and Alexander in early January. On Wednesday, Nelsonville-York will be off to Crooksville for an out-of-conference matchup against the Ceramics.

Athens Bulldogs – 2-4 (2-1)

After a home upset against Alexander earlier this month, Athens sits third in the TVC-Ohio standings. However, after the tight win against the Spartans, Athens fell in a blowout loss against Vinton County heading into the holiday break. The Bulldogs will look to rebound in the Roundtown Classic in Circleville this Wednesday and Friday.

Meigs Marauders – 2-6 (2-1)

The Marauders have struggled in out-of-conference play so far this season. However, they have taken care of business in the TVC-Ohio. With wins against River Valley and Wellston, Meigs sits in fourth. The Marauders will make the trip to Southern for an out-of-conference matchup on Wednesday.

Alexander Spartans – 7-2 (2-2)

Led by a talented group of seniors, the Spartans have played very well in their out-of-conference slate, with a critical win against the TVC-Hocking’s first-place Federal Hocking Lancers. However, with that being said, they have come up short against the Vinton County Vikings and Athens Bulldogs leading to their current fifth-place standing. Alexander will take on Southeastern at home this Tuesday and then travel to Unioto on Friday for two out-of-conference games.

Wellston Golden Rockets – 3-4 (0-3)

Wellston has yet to capture a conference win this season; however, they have performed well in their out-of-conference schedule, with their only loss coming against Belpre. The Golden Rockets’ next in-conference game will be against River Valley on January 6th. Wellston will head to Southeastern this week for an out-of-conference matchup on Thursday.

River Valley Raiders – 2-7 (0-4)

The Raiders are also still looking for their first conference win this season. However, they will be able to find that first win against Wellston on January 6th. In the meantime, they will travel to Oak Hill for an out-of-conference matchup this Tuesday.


TVC-Ohio Girls’ Standings


Athens Bulldogs – 6-2 (5-0)

Despite having only one upperclassman on the roster, the Bulldogs have rocketed up to the top of the TVC-Ohio. With wins against Nelsonville-York and Meigs, Athens has showcased their talent at a high level early this season. The Bulldogs will take place in the Delta Hotels Holiday Classic in Princeton on Wednesday and Thursday.

Nelsonville-York Buckeyes – 7-3 (5-1)

With their only in-conference loss coming against Athens, Nelsonville-York sits comfortably second in the TVC-Ohio. The Buckeyes have played every team in the TVC-Ohio once so far this season, comfortable winning all of their non-Athens matchups. Nelsonville-York will travel to Eastern for an out-of-conference game against Eastern on Thursday.

Meigs Marauders – 5-4 (3-2)

While the Marauders have been unable to take the top two seeds of the TVC-Ohio down so far this season, they have been able to capitalize on their other in-conference matchups, placing them third in the conference. Meigs will take on Marietta at home next Thursday.

River Valley Raiders – 6-3 (3-2)

After finishing sixth in the TVC-Ohio last year, the Raiders are currently in fourth place while already matching their win total from last season. River Valley will match up against Berne Union at home on Thursday.

Vinton County Vikings – 3-6 (2-4)

The Vikings struggled early in the season, dropping their first five games; however, they have rebounded well. Vinton County has won 3 of their last 4, including two conference games, bumping them to fifth place in the TVC-Ohio. The Vikings are headed to Lynchburg-Clay for an out-of-conference game on Wednesday.

Wellston Golden Rockets – 5-7 (1-5)

Wellston has performed well in out-of-conference this season, although that has not translated to TVC-Ohio play. With their only conference win coming against the winless Alexander Spartans, the Golden Rockets are firmly in control of sixth place in the TVC-Ohio. Wellston will be battling Clay at home on Thursday.

Alexander Spartans – 0-12 (0-6)

After coming in second place in the TVC-Ohio last season, the Spartans are still searching for their first win over halfway through the season. HIThey will look for that win against Roane at home this Wednesday.