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WOUB Employee Spotlight: Bob Roman

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Roman has worked at WOUB since 2016

ATHENS, OH – Broadcast Technician Specialist Bob Roman has taken a long, winding road to get to WOUB, but that’s the way he prefers it.

“That’s what I like most about the work I do at WOUB is that every day is a winding road,” said Roman. “You never quite know what each day will bring or what may be required. I enjoy a challenge and am very fortunate to work with such a variety of wonderfully interesting folks.”

Roman was born and raised near the small town of Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, which is located 12 miles from Punxsutawney, home of the Groundhog Day event every February 2. He was always interested in electronics during his formative years.

“After high school I enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF) and was trained in airborne avionics (aircraft electronics) and electronic warfare equipment,” said Roman. “I was stationed in various locations throughout the U.S. and overseas and worked on a wide variety of airborne weapons systems.”

Roman got a degree in radar technology from the USAF Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

“After my military career, I secured a position with Penn State University as an electrical engineering technology lab manager. I assisted professors and students conducting hands-on lab exercises, as well as maintained lab equipment and inventory,” said Roman. “After Penn State, I acquired a position with the Bureau of Design and Construction, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources as a survey technician traveling throughout Pennsylvania. My next position was an electronics technician with Schlumberger Technologies maintaining heavy equipment used in the oil and gas exploration industry in Pennslyvania. When that facility was closed my family and I relocated to the Athens area primarily for my wife to pursue her education to become a large animal veterinarian.”

In July, 2016, Roman started working at WOUB. As a broadcast technician, Roman supports WOUB’s numerous remote transmitter locations throughout our service area.

“Throughout my career I have always taken great pride and satisfaction seeing how folks utilize the various technologies I help to provide and maintain. Without exception this continues to be the case at WOUB. So many folks work to bring all the various responsibilities we fulfill daily ultimately impacting thousands of people throughout our coverage area. I am honored to be part of such an outstanding organization.”

Even though electronics has always been his thing, Roman has another interest that may come as a surprise.

“Folks would never guess that I am a train robber! I have participated in numerous robberies of the Hocking Valley Railroad (HVRR) since relocating to Ohio,” said Roman with a laugh. “My family and I are members of the notorious Jessie & James Gang at Smoke Rise Ranch near Murray City, Ohio. We joined up with them a year or two after relocating to Ohio. The robberies are held multiple times through the summer and fall seasons in cooperation with HVRR and are well received by the public not to mention great fun to participate in.”