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Our Grant Kiefer breaks down the Vinton County Vikings taking on the Alexander Spartans on January 20th, 2023

Alexander Spartans boys take down Vinton County Vikings in a matchup atop the TVC

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Albany, Ohio (WOUB) – As conference play continues in the TVC-Ohio, the Vinton County Vikings took on the Alexander Spartans. In a close game, Vinton County was going all out, however the Alexander Spartans took another win.

Alexander Spartans senior Kyler D’Augustino was in his bag all game. D’Augustino went for 40 points and went 14-27 and put up 5-6 from three-point range. 

Both teams started off strong tying it up 24-24 at the half. Vinton County was putting up shots from three, while Alexander focused on fast breaks and charging the basket. Vinton County senior Aiden Cain led the three-point charge, ending the game going 5-10 from behind the arc.

At the start of the second half, both teams would stop at nothing to try to get a shot up. Vinton County was struggling to get rebounds over Alexander. Alexander had 25 total rebounds against Vinton County’s 13.

As the game drew closer to the end, Alexander and Vinton County both ended up at the free throw line often. Alexander went 13-14 from the line, allowing them to gain the upper hand that led them to win the game. Vinton County went 10-15 from the free throw line. Alexander’s last 2 free throws gave them the upper hand with a very late game foul putting them up by 4, giving the Alexander Spartans the win 58-54.