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Our Payton Brooker recaps the matchup between the South Gallia Lady Rebels and the Waterford Lady Wildcats on January 23rd, 2023

Waterford Lady Wildcats upset South Gallia to shake up TVC-Hocking

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Waterford Ohio—– The Waterford Wildcats hosted the South Gallia Rebels in this close matchup. Most heads were thinking that the Rebels were going to come off this game with an easy road win but the Wildcats had other plans. Right from the start the Lady wildcats were playing some of the best defense they have played the whole season. Players like Kendall Sury contributed to good play on both side of the court for Waterford throughout the game. 

Throughout the first quarter the Wildcats were shooting three pointers left and right with ease and the South Gallia rebels were in shock. The Rebels came back with some aggressive offense and defense throughout the rest of the half but the Wildcats were relentless.

The Wildcats in the 2nd quarter were playing like they just came onto the court and were playing some really good three point basketball with fluid offensive passing.

To start the 3rd quarter the Rebels came out playing harder defense than they had the first half but Madison Hiener and Kendall Sury kept up the offensive pressure. Kendall’s impact on defense during the second half was a big reason for their success this game. Sometimes Sury was guarding 2 to 3 players at once and if she was guarding one player, she was thinking about the Rebels next move on offense. This was the story of the 3rd quarter until South Gallia’s Lindsey Wells played the best defense any player played the whole game, diving for loose balls left and right.

Kendall and Lindsey were two players who wanted to win more than anything in the fourth quarter. However, even though both teams were relentless throughout the game one difference made all the difference overall. The wildcats were nearly perfect on both sides of the court offense and defense but where the Rebels fell behind was on the offensive side.

The rebels are known to be really good from 3 point range but in this game they struggled. This could be because of Kendall Sury’s amazing defensive performance.

The Waterford Ladies have a great season ahead of them thanks to the great three point shooting and defense displayed in this huge win over the Lady Rebels 49-38.