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TVC-Hocking Leaders: Federal Hocking Lancers Boys and South Gallia Girls Are Defending Their Spot

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Soon, the TVC-Hocking title will be handed out. For the boys’ standings, it’s looking as if the Federal Hocking Lancers could pull away with this, but other teams could have a chance at earning the title as well, it all depends on how some games go down. For the girls’ standings, the South Gallia Rebels sit at the top, but the Waterford Wildcats said, “not so fast,” after beating them 49-38 this past week and could have a chance at earning the crown instead.

TVC-Hocking Boys’ Standings

Federal Hocking Lancers logo1. Federal Hocking Lancers | 16-2 (Conf. 9-0)

The Federal Hocking Lancers are powering through conference foe after conference foe, which is one of the main reasons why they still lead the TVC-Hocking boys’ standings. This past week they beat conference opponents, Belpre and Eastern, and both games were not even close. Federal Hocking won against Belpre 74-45, then they turned around and beat Eastern 73-39. Those two wins now make this the 16th straight win for Federal Hocking.

With three more conference games ahead, the Federal Hocking Lancers need to continue winning, so they remain first in the standings. They take on the Waterford Wildcats on Tuesday, and previously in the season they beat them by 18. Then Federal Hocking will take on rival Trimble Tomcats at home.

Waterford Wildcats logo2. Waterford Wildcats | 9-6 (Conf. 5-2)

Earning two wins this past week against Southern and South Gallia, the Waterford Wildcats moved from fourth to second in the standings. This puts Waterford at a good place in the standings if they are still thinking about claiming that TVC-Hocking title.

The Waterford Wildcats have five in-conference games on their radar for the remainder of the season. If they can win the rest of those games while Federal Hocking loses their three conference games, then the Waterford Wildcats could walk away with the title. There are many different scenarios where Waterford could walk away with the title or share it with others.

Trimble Tomcats logo3. Trimble Tomcats | 9-7 (Conf. 5-3)

With 10 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Southern Tornadoes hit a three and then the Trimble Tomcats get the ball and look to score on a fast break, however, a Southern fan stormed the court and stops the fast break. The game starts back up, Southern defends from half-court, and Trimble shoots but it’s no good. Southern wins 44-43. Despite the close loss

against Southern, the Trimble Tomcats pull it together and win against the Meigs Marauders 55-50.

If the Trimble Tomcats want a chance at winning the TVC-Hocking title, they need to win their four remaining conference games and hope that Federal Hocking loses their three remaining conference games so that they can share the title with Federal Hocking. With a winning mindset on their minds, Trimble will take on South Gallia, Federal Hocking, and then finish the week off with an out-of-conference game against Alexander.

Belpre Golden Eagles4. Belpre Golden Eagles | 9-9 (Conf. 5-3)

Since the standings shifted a little, the Belpre Golden Eagles have moved down to fourth in the standings. The team faced a tough loss against Federal Hocking earlier in the week and then could not rally together to pull out a win against Marietta.

Like Trimble’s situation with the TVC-Hocking title, Belpre still has a chance at the title, but it means that they must win the four remaining conference games and it also depends on how Federal Hocking does as well. Looking ahead at this week they will face Eastern and then Waterford, whom Eastern beat earlier in the season.

South Gallia Rebels logo5. South Gallia Rebels | 7-10 (Conf. 2-6)

The South Gallia Rebels had two close games this week but unfortunately could not pull out a win. They lost against Eastern earlier in the week 46-51 and then lost against Waterford 49-53.

Looking ahead they will play Trimble, Southern, and then Waterford this week. Earlier in the season, they beat Southern and almost beat Trimble, but fell by three.

Eastern Eagles logo6. Eastern Eagles | 4-14 (Conf. 2-7)

Starting this past week off strong, the Eastern Eagles beat South Gallia by five points, but then faced Federal Hocking and lost.

Since Eastern only has three more conference games left, this means they won’t be able to win the title this year. However, compared to last season Eastern finished the season (2-19, 2-10), this team’s momentum has improved from last year and they look to finish the remaining of the season out strong. This week they play Belpre and then Miller.

7. Southern Tornadoes | 4-14 (Conf. 1-8)

The Southern Tornadoes started last week off with a loss against Waterford but stayed positive. Despite coming off a loss, Southern held it together and picked up their first conference win of

the season against the Trimble Tomcats. Since 2019, this was Southern’s second time beating Trimble with Howie Caldwell as Trimble’s head coach.

Southern has three more chances to pick up some more conference wins before the regular season comes to an end. This week they play South Gallia and Eastern.

TVC-Hocking Girls’ Standings

South Gallia Rebels logo1. South Gallia Rebels | 17-3 (Conf. 10-1)

South Gallia Rebels’ ten-game winning streak came to an end this past week when the Waterford Wildcats defeated them. Despite this game being their first conference loss, South Gallia finished the week off strong with a 58-24 win over Belpre.

Hoping to still win the title of TVC-Hocking, South Gallia needs to win their last conference game this week against the Eastern Eagles, and then it all depends on the rest of Waterford’s conference games this season.

Waterford Wildcats logo2. Waterford Wildcats | 14-5 (Conf. 9-1)

Eyeing up the TVC-Hocking title is exactly what the Waterford Wildcats are doing after winning against TVC-Hocking leader, South Gallia. The team beat them 49-38, which put a stop to the 10-game-winning streak South Gallia had going and even possibly the chances of them earning the TVC-Hocking title. After that win, Waterford collected two more wins this past week against Southern and then Jackson.

If they want to be first in the standings, then they need to win the two remaining conference games to win the title outright. Their only game this week is against Belpre.

Eastern Eagles logo3. Eastern Eagles | 13-6 (Conf. 7-3)

With a 60-52 win against the Trimble Tomcats this past week, the Eastern Eagles are looking to finish out the regular season on a high note. Since January 7, the Eastern Eagles have won seven-straight games and look to continue this same mentality for their remaining two games of the season, both being conference games.

This week they play South Gallia and then Belpre.

Federal Hocking Lancers logo4. Federal Hocking Lancers | 10-8 (Conf. 4-6)

Fourth in the standings, remains the Federal Hocking Lancers. The team had a close battle against conference foe, the Belpre Golden Eagles, but pulled out with a 53-50 win.

Since that game, the Federal Hocking Lancers had a week to sharpen up on plays before they play another conference opponent: the Trimble Tomcats. After the Trimble game, the team will play Southern. Federal Hocking needs to win these games in order to stay at a good place in the standings.

Trimble Tomcats logo5. Trimble Tomcats | 4-12 (Conf. 3-7)

Picking up a 47-39 win over the Southern Tornadoes, the Trimble Tomcats started the week off right, but then fell to the Eastern Eagles 52-60.

Despite the loss, the Trimble Tomcats are looking to see how they can pick up some more wins before the end of the season. This week they play Federal Hocking and then Waterford, which are their last conference games of the season.

Belpre Golden Eagles6. Belpre Golden Eagles | 3-16 (Conf. 2-9)

The Belpre Golden Eagles were close to securing another conference win of the season but lost by three against the Federal Hocking Lancers. After that game, the team lost against TVC-Hocking leader, the South Gallia Rebels.

Finishing up with their conference meetings this week, the Belpre Golden Eagles will meet up with the Waterford Wildcats and then the Eastern Eagles.

7. Southern Tornadoes | 5-15 (Conf. 1-10)

The Southern Tornadoes faced the Trimble Tomcats and then the Waterford Wildcats, but just could not pull together a win.

The team has two more chances in the regular season and those chances occur this week against River Valley and Federal Hocking.