Summer Interns on the set of WOUB's NewsWatch

WOUB is now accepting applications for the 2023 WOUB Summer Internship Program

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The paid internship runs from May 15 to July 28

ATHENS, OH – Applications are now open for the WOUB News Summer Internship. The program pays interns to work at WOUB Public Media and provides them with an immersive practical experience while producing daily content in a professional multimedia organization.

“The WOUB News Summer Internship is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain hands-on media experience every day,” said WOUB News Editor-in-Chief Atish Baidya. “The interns have the chance to work as news media professionals and improve on their skills while serving the region.”

Ohio University Junior Silver Barker, a journalism news and information major, says the WOUB Summer Internship helped her improve her storytelling skills.

“This internship is an opportunity I would recommend to anyone highly interested in getting extensive experience in learning to produce a strong compelling story,” said Barker.

Ayden Crowley, a junior journalism news and information major, says he was able to grow as a journalist last summer working at WOUB in ways he did not expect.

“The internship over the summer provided me with real world experience from industry professionals that challenged us to grow as journalists and people,” said Crowley. “It also gave me a group of friends that quickly became a family over the two months. I’d highly recommend the internship for anyone who is considering applying!”

Max Brunke, a senior journalism news and information major, went into the internship thinking he would focus on content creation and ended up learning production skills as a technical director for the nightly half-hour news program, NewsWatch.

“The first two to three weeks was nerve-wracking because I had a lot of control over something that I didn’t fully understand. But, once I got over that hump, I truly started to grow into it. I think it was great for me to use the summer to get into directing.”

Jacob Motta, a senior journalism news and information major, was able to step outside of his primary interest, which is sports, and learn about news reporting as well.

“Over the summer of 2022 I found out what it really meant to be a reporter. I got hands on experience in a professional setting, made connections, and I got the chance to work on my on-air craft,” said Motta. “I also got to learn a lot about how to handle situations while out on stories on my own, which will help me in the real world as well. I would 100% recommend the WOUB Summer Internship to anyone interested in a role in TV news and production. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of.”

The 11-week WOUB Summer Internship runs from May 15 to July 28. Summer interns use a multiplatform approach to produce and report for WOUB TV’s NewsWatch, a nightly half-hour newscast, The OUtlet podcast, WOUB AM/FM and; are supervised by WOUB professional news and technical staff; and work 35 to 40 hours per week for course credit with a stipend of $11 an hour. The deadline to apply is February 24.

To learn about the types of positions available for this internship visit: Those interested can apply directly through Handshake here: