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The TVC-Hocking Title Race Has Reached its Conclusion

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TVC-Hocking Boys’ Standings  

Federal Hocking Lancers logo1. Federal Hocking Lancers | 19-3 (Conf. 12-0)       

The 18-game-winning streak ended this past week for the Federal Hocking Lancers, who went up against the Marietta Tigers. Despite the loss, Federal Hocking was quick to show they still have what it takes to earn a win. They played Southern and won 77-31.   

Seeded second in the Division IV bracket, means Federal Hocking will have a week to prepare for their next matchup. Their next game is on February 24, and they will compete against the winner of Southern and Manchester.   

Belpre Golden Eagles2. Belpre Golden Eagles | 13-9 (Conf. 9-3)    

Belpre picks up two more in-conference games as the regular season ticks down to the wire and remains second in the standings. In their first game this past week, they faced the South Gallia Rebels, won 62-47, and then had a closer matchup with the Trimble Tomcats. Belpre pulled through and defeated Trimble 51-47.  

With these two wins, the Belpre Golden Eagles are rolling into playoffs on a four-game winning streak. Belpre is seeded at 13 in the boy’s Division III bracket and will compete against 20-seed Adena on February 21.  

Waterford Wildcats logo3. Waterford Wildcats | 12-8 (Conf. 8-4)   

Similar to the Belpre Golden Eagles, the Waterford Wildcats also picked up two in-conference wins. Waterford was originally tied with Trimble at third place but beating the Trimble Tomcats and then the Eastern Eagles this past week shows they deserve the third-place spot.   

The team has two more games in the regular season this week, they will face the Fort Frye Cadets and then the Miller Falcons. Their first playoff game will occur on Feb. 24, and they will face 8 seed, the Western Indians, while Waterford is seeded at 9.      

4. Trimble Tomcats | 10-11 (Conf. 6-4)    

The Trimble Tomcats could not pull a win this past week against two conference foes. First, they had a battle for third in the standings against the Waterford Wildcats, but Waterford ended up winning. This loss pushed Trimble back to fourth in the standings. If Trimble won their second conference game last week and the Waterford Wildcats lost their second conference game as well, then the two teams could’ve tied back up. However, that wasn’t the case for Trimble. Losing against the Belpre Golden Eagles ended all hope for the Trimble Tomcats to tie up with Waterford again.  

Ending the regular season on a loss is not the mindset Trimble wants to have as they head into playoff time. However, they have some time to get into a better head space, since their first playoff game is on February 24. Trimble is seeded at 10 and will go up against 7-seed Eastern Pike.   

Southern Tornadoes logoT-6. Southern Tornadoes | 6-15 (Conf. 3-9)  

As the seconds ticked down in the fourth quarter, the Southern Tornadoes pulled off a third conference win of the season against the Eastern Eagles. Winning this game means that Southern and Eastern split the season series. Adding this win onto the previous two wins they had two weeks ago, Southern has a three-game winning streak, which is their first one all season long. However, that streak came to an end when Federal Hocking strolled in and won 77-31.  

The Tornadoes have a make-up game this week against Point Pleasant before their first playoff matchup against Manchester on Feb. 20.   

South Gallia Rebels logoT-6. South Gallia Rebels | 7-15 (Conf. 2-10)    

Ending their regular season on a low, the South Gallia Rebels lose to Symmes Valley. Despite that loss, South Gallia remains tied with the Eastern Eagles in the standings.   

The Rebels, seeded at 13, look forward to their meeting against the Eastern Eagles, who are seeded at 19. This past season, the team split the season series with South Gallia winning by a point in their first appearance and Eastern winning by five points in the second meeting of the season.  

Eastern Eagles logoT6. Eastern Eagles | 4-18 (Conf. 2-10)    

It came down to the wire in Reedsville against the Southern Tornadoes. As the clock struck zero in the fourth quarter, the Eastern Eagles lost 53-50. They had one more opportunity to end their 4-game losing streak. However, they just added one more game to the streak when they lost against Waterford.   

On Feb. 20, a battle between two TVC-Hocking teams will occur in the playoffs’ first round as the Eastern Eagles face the South Gallia Rebels.   


TVC-Hocking Girls’ Standings  

South Gallia Rebels logo T1. South Gallia Rebels | 19-3 (Conf. 11-1)   

Ending the regular season on a high note, the South Gallia Rebels earned a 57-25 win over TVC-Ohio member, the River Valley Raiders.   

In the playoff bracket, the South Gallia Rebels are seeded second and will go up against the winner of Miller and Furnace Green matchup.  

Waterford Wildcats logoT1. Waterford Wildcats | 16-6 (Conf. 11-1)       

A game at home against the Fort Frye Cadets was a nail-biter for the Waterford Wildcats. As the clock hit zero in the fourth quarter, the Fort Frye Cadets pulled away with a 32-30 victory.  

Despite that tough battle to end their regular season, Waterford is seeded third and will play on Feb.15. Their opponent will be Southern or Portsmouth Sciotoville, depending on who wins the game.   

Eastern Eagles logo3. Eastern Eagles | 14-7 (Conf. 8-4)   

Looking ahead to the playoffs, a battle between teams named Eastern will take place on Feb. 15, where the Eastern Eagles will take on Beaver Eastern. The Eastern Eagles’ last regular season game was Feb. 2, which means they had a lot of time to work on plays and make sure they are in the right mindset.   

Federal Hocking Lancers logo4. Federal Hocking Lancers | 12-10 (Conf. 5-7)

A close matchup between the Federal Hocking Lancers and the Huntington Huntsmen; however, Federal Hocking walked out of the gym with a 38-36 win. They had one more game of the season against the Meigs Marauders but lost that one.     

In the Southeast Division III bracket, Federal Hocking is seeded at 19 and will play against the Alexander Spartans, who are seeded at 30.  

5. Trimble Tomcats | 6-15 (Conf. 4-8)    

Closing out their regular season, the Trimble Tomcats lost both of their games. First, they lost by 2 points against Lakewood and then lost against Chillicothe later in the week.  

Trimble will play their first playoff game against Paint Valley on Feb. 15.  

Belpre Golden Eagles6. Belpre Golden Eagles | 4-18 (Conf. 2-10)     

The Belpre Golden Eagles are heading into playoff season with a win, after beating Caldwell 50-48.  

Their first playoff game will be on Feb. 15 against South Point.  

Southern Tornadoes logo7. Southern Tornadoes | 5-17 (Conf. 1-11)     

It’s the start of playoff time for the Southern Tornadoes, who will face Portsmouth Sciotoville on Feb. 13. Southern is seeded at 14, while Portsmouth Sciotoville is at 19.