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Sophomore Tiago Nunez was selected as the recipient of a scholarship established by a former WOUB student

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Stuart Sharpe created the Leonard E. Auerbach Regional Reps Scholarship

ATHENS, OH – Ohio University Sophomore Tiago Nunez wants to graduate from college debt free and says the Leonard E. Auerbach Regional Reps Scholarship, established by a former WOUB student, will help him do just that.

“I’m really happy that I was selected,” said Nunez. “The scholarship will help with the financial burden of college, and it recognizes all the hard work I’ve done so far.”

The Leonard E. Auerbach Regional Reps Scholarship was established by former WOUB student Stuart Sharpe. The award gives preference to students with experience at places on campus like WOUB. The student must be enrolled in the School of Media Arts and Studies to qualify.

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Stuart Sharpe

Sharpe graduated from Ohio University in 1964 and again in 1966. He went on to have a long career as an executive in the media business. He worked in radio advertising and then owned the Regional Reps Corporation before retiring.

Nunez, who has lived in big cities like Los Angeles, Miami, Florida, and most recently Cincinnati, came to Ohio University because he was looking for a smaller community and traditional college town. He is double majoring in music production and recording industry and marketing. Similar to what Sharpe did during his career, Nunez is looking to focus on the business end of the media industry.

“I really like the business side of things. I’ve worked with organizations at the university setting up concerts and really enjoyed that. I also went to Spain for an internship last summer and worked at a sports start-up company planning events and marketing,” said Nunez. “I have not worked at WOUB yet but have reached out to get involved and hope to start doing some work with music production activities at WOUB next school year.”

Nunez says he can’t thank Sharpe enough for establishing a scholarship that helps students involved in experiential learning in the Scripps College of Communication pay for their college education.

“A scholarship like this means so much,” said Nunez. “It’s such a tremendous help.”