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WOUB Senior Spotlight: Zach Redden

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ATHENS, OH – Zach Redden already has a media job lined up after graduation and he’s open to all of the possibilities available in his future because of his time working at WOUB.

“WOUB taught me all about how a newsroom operates and just how much coordination and cooperation is needed,” said Redden. “I learned that news is ever changing, and everyone needs to be on their feet. It has also been a fantastic work experience, showing what it’s like to work under pressure. It helped me learn to keep calm when things can get stressful. Additionally, I learned about all kinds of new equipment I hadn’t previously used, from the cameras on the floor to the IFBs and microphones used for interviews. I also learned a whole new video editing style. I never realized just how much I could learn in just over a year.”

Redden is from Hilliard, Ohio and discovered media production and journalism in high school. He came to Ohio University due to the quality reputation of the Scripps College of Communication. Redden decided to major in integrated media and minor in journalism.

“Thanks to the pandemic, my first two years at Ohio University had me taking online journalism classes which I personally found unengaging. During my junior year, I took a news production class and was extremely flustered,” said Redden. “However, many classmates, who would later become my co-workers, as well as my advisor told me about WOUB and how getting hands-on with news may help me with the class. So, I began running camera at WOUB in February 2022. It helped immensely with my journalism classes, and it became a staple of the rest of my college career.”

Redden says he truly appreciated all the opportunities he had to get professional, real-world experience at WOUB. But WOUB was more than that to Redden.

“While I absolutely learned a lot of useful things during my time at WOUB, the support is the most valuable part for me. When I started, I knew next to nothing about making a news show. However, everyone at WOUB is extremely helpful and supportive. Everyone wants to see each other succeed, and it is honestly really powerful. If you have a question, you can ask anyone something and they are more than willing to help out. I’ve made so many friends thanks to working with WOUB.”

After graduation, Redden will be returning home to Hilliard and working for a livestreaming company named OpenExchange.

“They are all about providing livestreams across the world for various companies. I want to explore all kinds of aspects of video editing,” said Redden. “I’d like to take a shot at editing and producing livestreams and other live content.”

Redden says he’s graduating knowing that he is getting ready to pursue his passion. And while he is excited to move on to the next stage of his life, the moment is bittersweet.

“My dad, Joseph Redden, passed away when I was junior in high school,” said Redden. “He didn’t get to see me graduate from high school and didn’t get to see me discover what I was passionate about. Now, almost six years later, I’m about to graduate from college. I just wanted to dedicate this to him and tell him that I wish he was here to see everything I accomplished throughout my time at Ohio University and WOUB. I miss you every day, Dad, I wish you could see me now. I love you.”