Documentary about NASA’s Voyager program will be screened for one day only at the Fun Barn

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NELSONVILLE – It’s Quieter in the Twilight debuted last year at SXSW and Nelsonville’s Movies 10/Fun Barn (14333 US-33) is one of only three theaters in the country that will host a single day screening of the film tomorrow. The documentary will also be made available for on-demand streaming tomorrow.

The new documentary shares the commitment of the team of engineers who have shepherded NASA’s most distant spacecraft.

The promotional poster for the film "It's Quieter in the Twilight," depicting the back of a man's head against the cresting moon.

First time director Billy Miossi helms the intimate look at the Voyager flight team, engineers who’ve sacrificed promotion, postponed retirement and dedicated their lives to stay with the longest running and farthest reaching mission in NASA’s history. It’s Quieter in the Twilight is produced by Billy Miossi, Matt Reynolds and Alissa Shapiro.

The story of the Voyagers’ flight team recounts the 1977 mission that enthralled the world as the dual man-made spacecrafts  were launched and have since traveled further than humankind ever has. The film also memorializes the people who guided this spacecraft on its incredible path. People born in far reaching corners of our earth who overcame enormous obstacles to pilot two aging spacecraft into the depths of the universe, while  battling outmoded technology, dwindling sunlight and in the twilight of their own careers and lives.

“The story of the unsung Voyager flight team is an essential part of American history, and the history of global advancement of science and our understanding of our world, the universe we call home and all that is beyond,” said Miossi. “But at its core is their inspiring story of a ragtag group of individuals overcoming adversity – one that will be familiar to anyone who has immigrated to the United States or come from a disenfranchised community. To show where they have gone and what they are doing, makes it a team that all audiences can cheer for, relate to and marvel at.”

“We have 12 people that fly two spacecraft. They have dedicated their entire careers to Voyager,” says Suzanne Dodd, Project Manager of the Voyager Interstellar Mission for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the new film. “The Voyager flight team has what you can’t get from paper. They understand not only the idiosyncrasies of the spacecraft. Their whole professional careers are on this mission.”