Vanishing: A Textile Art Exhibit by Holly Cole for Endangered Species

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Holly Cole, a retired theater costume design and technology professor at Ohio University, has transitioned from theater to art quilts. Storytelling, character, and theme development guide her work. She focuses on animal-human interactions and sociopolitical issues.

Her latest exhibit, Vanishing, showcases textile art dedicated to endangered species. The Trisolini Gallery at Baker Center, Ohio University features her Vanishing Forest installation. Some art pieces’ proceeds will support endangered animals in Africa and Asia through civil society organizations.

Holly Cole, a retired theater costume design professor at Ohio University, stands in front of her textile art exhibit titled Vanishing at the Trisolini Gallery, June 8, 2023, in Athens, Ohio. [Ahmed Hamed | WOUB]
Gorillas by Holly Cole, made of upcycled linen, old tarp, army blanket, cheesecloth, perle cotton thread, and fabric paint using drawing, painting, free motion quilting, and hand embroidery techniques. A tribute to the critically endangered Western Lowland Gorilla.[Ahmed Hamed | WOUB]
Endangered Animal Heroes diptych by Holly Cole, made of canvas and army blanket using drawing, painting, and free motion quilting techniques. The piece is a a tribute to the caretakers and anti-poaching teams at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. [Ahmed Hamed | WOUB]
A close-up of Holly Cole’s Endangered Animal Heroes diptych showing a caretaker bottle-feeding a baby elephant.[Ahmed Hamed | WOUB]
An installation of a jungle featuring an orangutan by Holly Cole to raise awareness about the dangers facing this animal due to habitat loss from deforestation. [Ahmed Hamed | WOUB]
A close-up shot of an orangutan in Holly Cole’s jungle installation to raise awareness about habitat loss from deforestation. [Ahmed Hamed | WOUB]