Logan Niceswanger dominates for Raiders to take win on new field

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MCCONNELSVILLE, Ohio (WOUB) — You could feel the energy as fireworks shot off with Morgan stepping foot into their brand new stadium for the first time. However, the Raiders knew they would have a game on their hands as they were playing the Warren Warriors who they only beat by 4 points the year prior.

The game got off to a fast start for the Raiders with quarterback Logan Niceswanger throwing a great pass to receiver Hayden Banks for a touchdown. After some more fireworks the crowd and team were going crazy, and the warriors would have to answer. Warren would answer with a touchdown by quarterback Jacob Sealey.

After that touchdown, the vibe in the stadium changed to one that knew this would be a fight for both teams. Something else noticeable in the first quarter was Logan Niceswanger’s awareness as a quarterback and as a defender.

Logan had a few key stops for the Raiders in the first half that inspired the rest of the team. One of those players was Kole Searl, Logan’s main target receiver this half.

Every time Kole was running off the field you got the sense he left everything on the field every single play. Logan and Kole made the perfect team in the first half with the Warriors rarely having an answer to the seemingly easy catches Logan was making.

This would eventually be the story of the first half with Logan and Kole both scoring touchdowns to take the lead at the end of the half. However, Warren would respond with Warriors receiver Tanner Peppers making a huge catch leading to a touchdown by Jacob Sealey for a much-needed answer. This play would not be enough to handle the nonstop pressure Morgan was putting on them and Morgan would go on to win 33-22.

The Raiders hope they can take the energy from this win and do the same next week against the Philo Electrics. Warren can learn from a hard-fought game and be ready to bounce back against Fairfield Union next week.