Athens cruises towards a win as they defeat rival Alexander 55-7
Athens cruises towards a win as they defeat rival Alexander 55-7

Cross Town Rivalry ends in an Epic Athens Victory

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Athens cruises towards a win as they defeat rival Alexander 55-7
Athens cruises towards a win as they defeat rival Alexander 55-7

The Plains, Ohio (WOUB) – The Athens Bulldogs conquered the Alexander Spartans in an ultimate blowout on Friday night at Joe Burrow Stadium.

Alexander, who came into this game (1-2), was looking to take home a second win against the Bulldogs. However, Athens, (0-2), decided to put up a fight and refused to let the Spartans take control.

In the first few plays of the game, Athens asserted their dominance. Within the first three minutes of the game, Kaiden Bycofski took off in a dead sprint down the field, leading to a 62-yard passing touchdown. The Bulldogs snatched the extra point, commanding a 7-0 lead. Although they were off to an early start, Athens decided that they weren’t quite done yet. Both teams took part in a tension-filled tug-of-war contest, with the ball switching back and forth between the two teams.

Ravenous for more,  Alex Pero ran the ball into the end zone, putting more points up on the scoreboard for Athens. The Spartans tried to run the ball down the field, only to be met with the Bulldogs’ overpowering defense. Alexander was forced to give the ball back to Athens, who was greedily waiting for another chance at a touchdown. A few plays later, Pero fought his way into the endzone once again, creating a 13-0 lead for the Bulldogs. And if that wasn’t enough for Athens, Bycofski managed to put up yet another touchdown, giving them a 20-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.

It took until the second quarter for the Spartans to finally break the deadlock. Alexander decided that they were tired of being steamrolled, and within the first four minutes of the second quarter, wide receiver Brody Montgomery gifted his team a touchdown. The Bulldogs, now up 20-7 against Athens, significantly raised the stakes of this game. With the ball back in the Bulldogs’ hands, they found it difficult to score. Once again turning the ball over to the Spartans, the bulldog’s defense pushed the quarterback Jordan Schultz around. Each team exchanged turnovers, and the stalemate continued until the end of the quarter.

Starting the second half, Athens proved to be an offensive powerhouse. Pero scored yet another touchdown for Athens, leading to a score of 33-7. Not much changed throughout the rest of the game. The Bulldogs continued to rack up points, ending in a 55-7 slugfest against the Spartans.

Next week, the Athens Bulldogs will travel to battle against the Trimble Tomcats in Trimble.

The Alexander Spartans will take on the Wellston Golden Rockets at home in Albany.