Ace Nation: Tomcats power through an exciting 4-1 victory over Lancers

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STEWART, Ohio (WOUB) – The Trimble Tomcats add an exciting new win to their record book on Thursday night as they took on the Federal Hocking Lancers, heading out of Stewart victorious 3-1.

Trimble started off the first set with some great energy, taking an early lead with senior hitter Katelynn Coey racking up kills. There were plenty of rallies between the two teams making it an exciting first set to watch. Olivia Tabler and Megan Reichardt, the lead blockers for the Lancers made it difficult for the Tomcats to get all of their hits into open court. The final score of the first set was 26-24, Trimble. 

The Trimble Tomcats at the Federal Hocking Lancers girls volleyball game. Tomcat Faith Handley goes up for a hit over the net.
Tomcat Faith Handley goes up for a hit over the net. Photo taken by Kelly Prim

Going into the second, Trimble still had momentum in the game and continued showing off their offensive capabilities in the front and back rows. The Tomcats continued their aggressive hitting throughout the second set. Lancer Brenlee Cottril had amazing digs to respond to Trimble’s threatening offensive strategy. But it wasn’t enough as the Tomcats took the second set as well, with a score of 25-21. 

Momentum started to change going into the third set. Lancer Hallee Chapman contributed a few great hits to the teams lead. A combination of missed serves and lack of communication dug Trimble into a hole they couldn’t seem to get out of. Federal Hocking took the third set 25-23.  

Leaving the third set behind, Trimble needed the fourth set to secure the game.  

The two squads both contributed long rallies, leaving fans anxious and on their feet to see who would pull through. The Tomcats took the third set to heart and continued to battle for every point. Trimble took the last set with a final score of 25-19.

Coey had a phenomenal end to the game for the Tomcats, setting a personal record of 32 kills. Coey hopes to add to her kills throughout the season to secure the 1,000 kill mark by the end of her senior year. 

“We need to learn how to serve under pressure because it’s important.” Said Coey. “Sometimes serves make the game so the more serves you get in, the weaker the other team gets” 

This Saturday the Tomcats will travel to Southern, and Federal Hocking will host South Gallia on Monday.