Megan Bee – 2023 NMF Sycamore Sessions

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NELSONVILLE, Ohio (WOUB) – Athens-based singer-songwriter Megan Bee opened Saturday morning at the 2023 Nelsonville Music Festival with a particularly warm rendition of her original works.

Bee’s music effortlessly weaves together the soulful resonance of acoustic Appalachian folk melodies with captivating, mesmerizing lyrics. Her 2020 album Waiting achieved the prestigious recognition of being named The Ark of Music’s Album of the Year. Prior to this, she had garnered acclaim at The Ohio Music Awards, winning in the categories of ‘Best Americana’ and ‘Best Singer-Songwriter Album.’ Since 2015, Bee has independently released a series of compelling singles and albums, marking her journey as a prolific artist in the regional music scene.

Bee is deeply rooted in the Southeastern Ohio community, where she actively hosts writing workshops that attract creatives from far and wide. Her passion for the environment, cultivated during her time in environmental education, is intricately woven into her songwriting. Her music is a tapestry of nature-inspired imagery, a testament to her love for the natural world. With her stripped-down, contemplative performance, she provided the ideal soundtrack to kickstart Saturday morning at the 2023 Nelsonville Music Festival.

1. Fickle (Cottonwood) – 0:23
2. Andy (Cottonwood) – 3:49
3. Middle of the Morning (Waiting) – 7:42
4. Sister (Cottonwood) – 10:09
5. Fever (Cottonwood) – 17:50
6. Ecstasy (Cottonwood) – 21:07
7. Rolls Away (Cottonwood) – 25:10
8. Little Birdie (Like A Canyon) – 27:58
9. Waiting on the Wind (Waiting) – 36:05
10. Used to Be (Cottonwood) – 40:20
11. Take Your Time (Waiting) – 44:10
The Sycamore Sessions are presented by the Nelsonville Music Festival in collaboration with WOUB Public Media and the Ohio University Scripps College of Communication’s School of Media Arts and Studies. The performances were recorded and produced by Media Arts and Studies students under the supervision of Host and Director Josh Antonuccio and Associate Producers – Director of Photography Andie Walla (Media Arts and Studies Associate Professor of Instruction), Audio Supervisor Adam Rich (WOUB), and WOUB’s Arts and Culture Editor Emily Votaw. All performances took place during the 2023 Nelsonville Music Festival, which is a production of Stuart’s Opera House.