Unioto continues successful season as they defeat Piketon at home

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CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WOUB) – Unioto defeated Piketon 45-22 in a second half blowout on homecoming night.  

Piketon came out hot and wasted no time. The Redstreaks scored in the first minute with a touchdown from wide receiver Brent McGruire and had a two-point conversion.

Piketon went up 8-0 with 11 minutes left in the first quarter.  

Unioto responded as running back Connor Dollison ran it in and put the Shermans on the board. The Shermans trailed by one in the middle of the first.  

Wide receiver Ashton Crace caught a 35-yard pass from Sherman quarterback Newton Hoops which set them up in good field position. Running back Ethan Summar scored on the next play bringing Unioto up 14-8 to end the first quarter.   

In the second quarter, Piketon moved the ball down field to set them up in scoring position.

Running back Zane Brownfield scores for the Redstreaks. The Redstreaks went for two but couldn’t convert.

Game tied 14-14.  

Still in the second, Hoops threw an interception to Piketon’s Jeremy Williams.

Piketon took over on their own 10-yard line. The Redstreaks were only able to gain 20 yards before they fumbled, and it was recovered by Unioto’s Ethan Summar.  

Summar not only recovered the fumble, then a few plays later scored for the Shermans. Unioto took the lead 21-14 to end out the half.  

Right out of halftime Unioto found that energy. A 55-yard kickoff return from Caden Cutright set the Shermans up in the redzone.

Piketon’s defense held strong and only allowed Unioto to take a field goal. 24-14 Unioto.  

Piketon came right back with a dime from quarterback Luke Gullion, McGruire went 65-yards to score for the Redstreaks.

Piketon turned it into a close game 24-22.  

Hoops said he could do that too, when he threw a 42-yard touchdown to his brother Blake Hoops.

The Shermans gained a more comfortable lead 31-22. 

Gullion was set up to throw a dime, when Unioto’s Ashton Crace had other plans. Crace gets the interception which set up Hoops to run it in himself for Unioto.

Shermans went up 38-22 to round out the third quarter.  

There was no coming back for Piketon as Summar scored again,  putting them up 45-22. Right after that Cutright got an interception by Piketon to end the game.  

Ethan Summar had three touchdowns and played both sides of the ball. Unioto’s head coach Matt Hoops says that he is proud of Summar, but that is what he is expected to do.  

 “Ethan Summer is an absolute football player. He’s tough, he’s physical, he’s hard-nosed,” Coach Hoops responded. “You know, he’s kind of paid his dues and he just comes to practice. He works really hard and honestly, he’s just really grown up and he’s just I just couldn’t be happier for him.”   

Unioto completed the victory over Piketon 45-22.

On Friday, The Shermans play Adena, and the Redstreaks host Paint Valley.