Suggested Listening ’23: DJ B-Funk

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It’s that time again! WOUB Culture asked people involved in music and arts across WOUB’s coverage area what they’ve been listening to this year. Check out their answers on WOUB Culture all through December.

A promotional image of DJ B-Funk performing at HallOUween 2023.

Born in Athens, OH, DJ B-Funk celebrates the Appalachian music he grew up with while advocating for broader acceptance of the 808s and electronic kick drum sounds responsible for energizing dance floors for decades. He loves House, Trance, Disco — anything with energy. Movie scores are his favorite genre.

You can catch B-Funk djing the Trust Me Dance Party at Casa Nueva tonight (4 West State Street, Athens) and (if you were lucky) you might have seen him entertaining the people at the Nelsonville Music Festival, the Athens Halloween Block Party, or at Good Night John Boy in Columbus (906 North High Street) or Cleveland (1167 Front Avenue). 

Rüfüs Du SolYou Were Right 

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THIS is my number one song of 2023, the rest of these songs are not in any particular order.. This is the year I really discovered Rüfüs Du Sol. I listened to this song probably 200 times. Even my daughter knows the lyrics to this one because we listened to it every day in the car. It just elevates my soul and really hammers home the idea of listening to others, especially the ones you love.

Mat ZoClosure 

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This  is quintessential Mat Zo. I can’t define what type of music he makes, but it is always his sound and I love it. I opened my Halloween set with this song because everyone deserves to hear great music, period. He may not be the most popular producer, but he is consistent with creating a sound you’ll never forget. With a chorus that says “it’s all right?”how  can you go wrong? Check him out!

Metro Boomin & FutureSuperhero (Heroes & Villains) 

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Hip Hop
“There’s no good rap/Hip Hop nowadays” “I miss Biggie and Tupac” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blahhhhhhhhhh. You’re not paying attention boomers, gen X’s and older millennials! There is GREAT hip hop being made. And this right here with an amazing instrumentation and beat by Metro Boomin literally will make you feel like you are bulletproof. Make sure your system is right before experimenting with this killer beat.


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I discovered the band Cymande, by accident, on Instagram. Black people invented rock ‘n’ roll and I love discovering gems by my Black heroes. Bra brings me joy and makes me want to hit the dance floor with those relentless horns. It takes us back in time to a time when you just danced and danced even though the world around you may not be perfect. These guys made that feeling happen. And they’re still performing today

MarshAll Night Long

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Melodic House
Is there a better producer making electronic music for Anjuna Deep right now? I don’t think so. I am a dyed in the wool Marsh Fanboy and All Night Long exemplifies everything I love about his productions. Simple, intricate, and WILDLY  uplifting. Check him out. Now. No, seriously, go listen to this song.

Nicholas BritellMy Name is Kino Loy 

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Super Star Wars fanboy, DJ B-Funk, absolutely enjoyed Andor this season on Disney+. There’s a pivotal moment when the characters are trapped inside a max super prison. And I love nothing more than triumphant music when my friends are escaping a situation that feels dire. Britell, who also is in charge of the brilliant Succession soundtrack, absolutely nails the feeling of dread of being trapped and then the exhilaration of the first step into freedom.

Jealous — Mochakk

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This is the best dance track that was made in 2023. PERIOD. Jealous continues to tear up the dance floor with an amazing sample of Loleatta Holloway talking about girls needing to stay away from her man. The beat and bass line  is infectious. And if you’ve never seen a performance of Mochakk  live you are missing out on a man who absolutely is animated when he’s behind the DJ decks!

Daniel Pemberton Spiderwoman (Gwen Stacy)


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There’s no secret that I love my soundtrack songs. Across the Spider-Verse was another monumental achievement in cinema. But there was something that a lot of people have not been talking about as much and that is Spider Gwen’s Amazing theme. Miles stole the show in the first spider verse film with his track Sunflower, but this one is worthy of lifting up the entire spider verse on its own. The drums hit overdrive with this superhero theme.

UnderworldJuanita 2022 

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Electronic juggernauts, Underworld, updated their song Juanita in 2022 and I was able to hear this song live at a Movement in Detroit this past Memorial Day weekend. I started crying around the 2:30 mark when the (live!) vocals just felt like they were evoking madness, sadness, joy, exhilaration, all the emotions! Underworld are the GOAT in this category. The song is long, clocking in at over 12 minutes evolving and must be heard live to truly understand the power electronic music has. But this is a wall of emotion if you’re willing to let it all in.

Grand Admiral Thrawn –  Kevin Kiner

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Well looky here – a SECOND Star Wars song on my top 10 list! I’m shocked truly, TRULY SHOCKED. This track does something I was not expecting in the Star Wars universe. It keeps it regal and very Star Wars’-y  but evokes a very serious “Invasion from Mars, otherworldly horror/Sci Fi movie” vibe which is perfect for the harbinger of Doom, Grand Admiral Thrawn as he arrives in the Ahsoka series. I played this track at Halloween to great applause as it’s so powerful.