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Trimble and Nelsonville-York face off in a double-overtime clash

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GLOUSTER, Ohio (WOUB) – The Nelsonville-York Buckeyes took a drive over to Trimble Tuesday night in what was a scrappy hard fought game. NY got off to a hot start, hitting multiple threes to put them up early. The Trimble press was too much to handle though, forcing turnovers nonstop. Trimble pulled ahead in this double-OT thriller, 65-70. 

In the first quarter, the Buckeyes led throughout a couple back and forth baskets, and in the second quarter it was all trimble.  

As a result of the defensive switch, Trimble took a 14-point-lead in the second half. NY had no answer to beat the press until the 4th quarter. They finally ran the offense through their star guard Keagan Swope.  

Swope did his best to rally his Buckeyes back, but a late cramp held him out of the crucial final 2 minutes. 27 points from the leader of the Buckeyes felt like it should have been enough, but it wasn’t. 

As for Trimble, #32 Cole Wright got everything to go around the rim. NY couldn’t figure out a way to slow him down, and it ultimately lost them the game in the end. Even fouling him was ineffective, as he knocked down 4-5 from the charity stripe.  

Rebounds, defense, and overall gritty basketball gave the Tomcats a big home victory in a classic TVC matchup.  

Looking to bounce back, the Nelsonville-York Buckeyes return home to play the Alexander Spartans 7:30 p.m. Friday. Alexander has yet to win a game, so this could be an opportunity for NY to right the ship for the rest of conference play.  

As for Trimble, they play the Southern Tornadoes on Friday, 7:30 p.m. at home. They hope to keep this momentum alive through conference matchups ahead.