The Lavy Legacy

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Airah and Gavin Lavy are two siblings that share both the halls and basketball courts of Nelsonville-York High School. Airah, the school’s all-time leading scorer with 1,532 points and counting, is entering the last few games of her career as a Buckeye. While Gavin is a freshman just in the beginning stages of his Nelsonville-York career.  


The two have walked through almost every aspect of life together. Airah Lavy says sharing the many special moments she has over the years with her brother are some of her fondest memories. 


That moment we shared in the student section after I broke that record that’s one of my most vivid moments,” Airah Lavy said. “Going to all his tournaments, always being there for him and we have so many pictures of they won the championships last year in one of their tournaments and I had just came from one of my tournaments that we won. Just sharing all of those moments together is the best. 


While Airah Lavy’s time as a Buckeye is dwindling, Gavin Lavy is opening the door on his own career as a Buckeye. Airah and Gavin Lavy’s dad, Josh Lavy, knows that Gavin is going to have some big shoes to fill.  

“They’ve pushed each other once they’ve gotten older to play as hard as they can,” Josh said. “Gavin’s got some shoes to fill and he wants to push to break that three-point record that Airah holds… they both have great work ethic. It’s hard to drag them off the court sometimes.” 

That work ethic is something that Airah and Gavin both see as strengths to their characters. At times, that work ethic can often turn into competition between the two of them. 

“We’ve definitely been very competitive since we were little, we’re competitive now. Every time after his practices he’s trying to shoot against me, which he’ll never outshoot me. I’ll tell you that right now,” Airah said.  

There’s nothing that makes them better than being pushed by one another. Their love for each other and the game of basketball is clear and contagious. As the interview wrapped up, Airah did want to leave her little brother a few pieces of advice. 

“All that I ask is that he goes out every moment and he plays as hard as he possibly can. If I want anybody to break my records I want it to be him, so I want him to bust his butt every time he’s on the floor… If he ever needs me or needs help, I’ll be the first person to jump on it,” Airah said. 

Airah will be taking her talents to Division I Saint Francis University to continue her basketball career after graduation. As for Gavin, he’ll look to grow as he walks his own path in the Nelsonville-York basketball program. But, if one thing is for sure, the Lavy last name will be echoing throughout gyms for years to come.