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Eastern player falls on the floor as Waterford player jumps to take a shot at the rim.

The Wildcats crept away with a back-and-forth conference win

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Waterford, OH (WOUB)- The Waterford Wildcats tore the Eastern Eagles apart as they won a close battle game. 


It was the Waterford Wildcats’ senior night, and they came onto the court strong ready to battle the Eastern Eagles. The Wildcats won the tip off which would foreshadow what was to come later in the game. 


This proved to be a good game from the get-go. With plenty of shot attempts from both teams, it would be a battle of who would burn out first. The Eagles brought the intensity as they fought for the board and steals with a lot of offensive plays. The first quarter concluded with a score of 14-11 with Waterford taking the lead.  


The second quarter is where the Eagles would slow down and the Wildcats would start to take more shots. While Eastern had a lot of turnovers, their offensive could not get through Waterford’s claws. Jarett Armstrong was slinging shots for the Wildcats as Eastern could not block him effectively. This called for Coach Kight, of Eastern, to consistently change up his offensive scheme. The fight for the lead heading into half-time led to plenty of fouls being called on both sides. The first half concludes with a score of 29-19. 


Moving into the third quarter, the Eagles start to make up for lost points. The energy that Eastern displayed in the first quarter is back in full swing giving the Wildcats a run for their money.  

Center Gavin Murphy kicked up this momentum by shooting the necessary points to keep the score close. The shots that Waterford took were not falling through, which led to the Eagles bouncing back to a score of 40-36.  


The fourth quarter proved to be the most detrimental quarter of the game if the Eagles wanted to pull through with the win. Eastern pushed a full-court press to try to shut out the Wildcats. Coaches on both teams got vocal as this game sat at a close score. However Waterford persevered and was able to bring home the win in a heated final quarter. The games concluded with a score of 55-46. 


The Eagles are back in action against the Alexander Spartans on the 13th.