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WOUB Senior Spotlight: Bryce Tinson

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By Kae Walther


ATHENS, OH – Ohio University journalism news and information senior, Bryce Tinson, calls his decision to come to Ohio University a “happy accident.” Tinson always knew he wanted to leave his hometown of Romeo, Michigan for college, and from the minute he saw Ohio University, he knew Athens was where he wanted to be.

“Scripps has a great journalism program, so we decided to stop by Athens for a campus visit, and I immediately knew this place was different,” said Tinson. “Then I got here and met some of the best people; life-long friends.”

Tinson is also earning a sports management minor. He says he is really looking forward to diving into the professional world of sports broadcasting. Tinson says that gaining hands-on experience being on camera doing WOUB TV’s Gridiron Glory and Hardwood Heroes has been a great learning experience and fun. He wants to continue in that direction while the ultimate goal to work for ESPN’s College Gameday. “I grew up watching it, I love college football, and to be on that would be a dream come true.”

Tinson graduated high school in 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic which meant fall semester of his freshman year at Ohio University was online.  Tinson said that this phase allowed him to get into the flow of college classes in an online environment before being thrown into the typical “college campus stress” in the spring of 2021.

“When I came to campus in the spring, I got involved in WOUB and was able to do a lot of stuff and it was awesome.”

Along with Hardwood Heroes and Gridiron Glory, Tinson has also been involved in WOUB’s The Bobcat Showcase and NewsWatch. “I think this last year in Gridiron [Glory] was my favorite- all 14 weeks of it. I don’t know if it was because it was my senior year and I knew it was the end, but it was basically perfect,” he reminisced, “Being able to do this with all of my friends for three years now and seeing their growth, we basically have grown up together in college. It was awesome to see it all come to a peak at the end and have that finale; ride off into the sunset.”

In general, Tinson’s favorite memory of his time at Ohio University is when the men’s basketball team beat the University of Virginia’s during the 2021 NCAA Tournament. “I lived right down Jeff Hill in Washington, and I sprinted up to Court Street and was there for the next hour and a half just vibing with everybody. It was a surreal night and one that I hope to experience again, but I just don’t think I ever will.”

Tinson encourages incoming freshman to get involved at Ohio University as soon as possible. “I know so many people who want to take their time to get acclimated to college, which I understand, but you’re really missing out on so many opportunities to make memories and meet people who will be lifelong friends and mentors to you.” Tinson also recommends the WOUB Mentoring Program in which he was paired with an Ohio University graduate who really helped guide him through his first year of college.

In his spare time, Tinson enjoys playing video games and hanging out with friends. Something that Tinson particularly enjoys in his free time is doing his own version of NFL Draft scouting. He takes on the role of a draft scout, creates his own draft, and then compares it to others who do this as a profession. “The NFL Draft is one of my favorite events.”

Currently, Tinson is looking for a job after graduation near Philadelphia. he says there are so many opportunities, and that he is grateful for how well WOUB and Ohio University has prepared him to take advantage of whatever comes next.