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Ohio takes down Central Michigan 77-63 in final home game

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ATHENS, Ohio (WOUB) — Ohio (10-17, 7-9 MAC) returned to the Convo for the final time this season after a close 67-64 win over Western Michigan. Its opponent, Central Michigan (6-20, 4-12 MAC), was looking for a hopeful outcome as they only had one win over their past seven prior games.

The Bobcats proved to be too much for the Chippewas as they would go on to earn a 77-63 victory for their 10th win of the season. 

Madi Mace drives to the basket against Central Michigan
Madi Mace drives to the basket against Central Michigan [Emma Reed | WOUB]
The first half was controlled primarily by Ohio as Central Michigan struggled very early on to put together any effective offense. 

Central Michigan gave up a total of 29 turnovers in the game. Seven of those turnovers were steals that came from freshman Monica Williams, setting a new career-high. Williams benefits her success from what she takes from practice.

“Just remembering what we did in practice,” Williams said. “Knowing that we have to be in to help, and just really being in gaps and going for the pass.”

This game however wasn’t a perfect performance. In the third quarter, Central Michigan added pressure on both sides of the ball to lead it to a 12-0 run to cut Ohio’s lead to just five points, 48-43. 

Head coach Bob Boldon said that even though the third quarter wasn’t the best performance, they were quick to move on from it.

“Team’s go on runs, you just need to settle them down,” Boldon said. “I understand our defense wasn’t good enough for the time period, but the time period is done and over with and we move on to the next time period. I thought we did a really nice job in the fourth quarter of really getting back to our defensive identity.” 

With this effective defense came with explosive offense as junior Jaya McClure was a key factor in the Bobcats victory. She would finish the day with 19 points and seven rebounds, leading the team in those stat lines. 

Ohio coach Bob Boldon hugs Peyton Guice during senior day celebrations
Ohio coach Bob Boldon hugs Peyton Guice during senior day celebrations [Emma Reed | WOUB]
Following the game, Ohio recognized 6 seniors after the game for their outstanding effort over the past few years. Boldon said that these players have been really special to have on and off the court. 

“I think sometimes we learn more than they do when they’re here.” Boldon said. “It’s been a great group to be around and not only because of basketball, but what this group has done off the floor and the way they’ve impacted the team has been really special.” 

Ohio will conclude the regular season on the road with a pair of games against Akron and Miami. Monica Williams says that executing the gameplan will benefit in those games. 

“Just playing together and sticking to our gameplan, we don’t do well at away games, so we need to just execute,” Williams said.