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Explore the rich history of the region in “Our Town: Nelsonville” – March 14 at 9 pm

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Our Town: Nelsonville

Thursday, March 14 at 9 pm


“People who think of Nelsonville as just a small town near Ohio University are wrong,” said WOUB Producer/Director Evan Shaw. “Nelsonville and the people in it have made many important contributions to the growth and development of our region and continue to do so today.”

The hour-long Our Town: Nelsonville documentary takes viewers on a journey to discover the heritage and spirit of Nelsonville, Ohio through fascinating stories of its history, personalities and unique contributions to the region, state and nation. It features many historical elements about the early settlers, the Hocking Valley Canal, the coal and clay industries, Stuart’s Opera House and the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway.

The film goes deep into the rich history of Nelsonville and its linkage to the development of Ohio. It was prominent in producing coal, bricks, and the formation of unions.

“Columbus and other cities in Ohio were built and maintained by Nelsonville brick and area coal,” Shaw says.

The rich resources of the region brought prominence to the small town of Nelsonville and to York Township.

“Until the 1920’s, Nelsonville was the largest city in Athens Co.,” Shaw says. “The City of Athens was just that place where the University was. Nelsonville was the biggest and most important city in the county.”

To make the film, Shaw has spent months researching the region and interviewing people who know the deep history of the area.
“It is so important to tell the story of a place accurately and to highlight the significant events. I want people to be proud of their heritage and where they come from,” Shaw says.