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WOUB Senior Spotlight: Zack Mothersbaugh

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By Kae Walther

ATHENS, OH – Zack Mothersbaugh’s time at Ohio University and WOUB has solidified his love for sports media and has given him the confidence to go after the career he wants. Originally from Chardon, Ohio, Mothersbaugh will graduate in May with a journalism major and marketing minor.

WOUB’s weekly high-school football program, Gridiron Glory, was one of Mothersbaugh’s favorite experiences at WOUB. He enjoyed the learning opportunity but also time with fellow students who became close friends. There were late nights in the Radio and Television Building prepping for and doing the show. Mothersbaugh described the experience as “when you’re just tired enough that you’re almost delirious and everything is funny.” Mothersbaugh was also a part of Hardwood Heroes, and NewsWatch.

Mothersbaugh says he’s thankful for WOUB because he was able to be an individual in a space of so many other talented students. He says it was nice to receive critiques from his peers because it let him learn from his mistakes as well as make strong connections with other people who are also pursuing careers in the media industry.

The WOUB Job Connection Program, where media recruiters come to campus twice a year to interview students for jobs and internships, has also helped Mothersbaugh greatly.

“The interviews helped me figure out how I was going to look for a job,” said Mothersbaugh. “They also gave me great connections in the industry. It helps a lot to be able to put somebody’s name down that I know when applying for a job.” Mothersbaugh is also grateful for what he learned in regard to strategy and how to structure his applications more effectively.

As his time at WOUB and Ohio University ends, Mothersbaugh is encouraging underclassmen to take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow. “Get involved with as much as you can take on mentally.”