United by a set of razor-sharp talons and a taste for flesh, “Meet the Raptors: Raptors: A Fistful of Daggers” on NATURE – April 10 at 8 pm

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“Meet the Raptors: Raptors: A Fistful of Daggers”

Wednesday, April 10 at 8:00 pm


A Eurasian Goshawk Raptor. yellow eyes, brown and white feathers, captured mid-screech
Eurasian Goshawk

From giant eagles to miniature falconets, meet the many species of raptors. Explore how they survive winters, learn to hunt and undergo migrations. Their superpowers of flight, sight, hearing and smell give them dominance over the skies.

United by a hooked beak, a set of razor-sharp talons, and a taste for flesh, raptors have conquered the globe from the African savannah to the high Arctic. Witness an insightful and spectacular celebration of these birds of prey and learn what makes them some of the world’s most successful predators in Raptors: A Fistful of Daggers.

Learn more about eagles, hawks, owls, and falcons as well as the lesser-known hunters such as secretary birds, caracaras, seriemas, and more. The two-part series also explores what the future holds for these remarkable birds in a rapidly changing world, due to habitat loss, climate change, persecution and pollution.