They faced destruction, rebuilt, and laid the groundwork for a thriving future in “The Great Chicago Fire” on AMERICAN STORIES – April 29 at 10 pm

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The Great Chicago Fire: American Stories

Monday, April 29 at 10:00 pm


A painted image of The Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Boats seen in the water while the city is ablaze. Caption reads: The Great Fire at Chicago Oct. 9, 1871. View from the west sideOn October 10, 1871, Chicagoans awoke to an unrecognizable landscape. Forty-eight hours earlier, there had been a vibrant city of ornate civic buildings, grand hotels, and cultural institutions. Now, there was nothing but a smoking pile of rubble stretching for miles on end.

Many wondered: could the city recover? And how did tensions between the city’s elites and the immigrant poor lead to the wrong person being accused of starting the blaze?

THE GREAT CHICAGO FIRE: AMERICAN STORIES tells the dramatic story of a defining moment in Chicago history – “the Great Fire of 1871,” when the city faced destruction, rebuilt, and laid the groundwork for a thriving future.

AMERICAN STORIES is an original documentary series uncovering Chicago’s fascinating history. Each story presents an entertaining and intriguing tale about a person or event that shaped Chicago. The series reflects the rich diversity and breadth of human experience that shaped this great American city.