Alexander school district is putting a renewal of its income tax levy back on the ballot

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ALBANY, Ohio (WOUB) — The Alexander school district will try for a third time this November get voters to approve a renewal of its income tax levy. 

The school board met on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of putting the levy back on the ballot, which ended in a unanimous vote in favor. 

Alexander superintendent William Hampton talking about the state of Alexander schools
Alexander superintendent William Hampton said no matter what happens, the district will be something that students and parents can be proud of. [Shane Scalfaro | WOUB]
The levy was first passed in 2019 after six attempts. It passed by one vote. 

Superintendent William Hampton and the board have been working on plans for whether the renewal passes or fails. 

“We’ve been in the process of having that plan in our mind of what it would look like for a long time,” Hampton said. “What’s going to happen if the levy fails, what’s going to happen if the board doesn’t put the levy back on. We’ve put a lot of thought into it.” 

The district is considering drastic changes like ending open enrollment and cutting electives if the levy fails, he said, but big changes are not coming soon. 

“We are not at a catastrophic point,” Hampton said. “We can make changes along the way that are small and easier to absorb and they’ll be impactful down the road. We’re not at the point where we need to make a massive cut or reduction. We can do things in small chunks right now.” 

The levy will expire in December unless voters renew it.