Athens Writer’s Book Uses The Ridges as Location

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A writer from our region is using a popular local landmark as the setting for her newest book.

Joyce Richardson of Athens just released “Nude Descending a Staircase.”

It’s a mystery novel that takes place at the former Athens Mental Health Center, which is now the Kennedy Museum of Art.

Richardson says using such a legendary setting made it easier to write her book.

“I didn’t have to make up place because I was so familiar with the museum. I would even go there sometimes and write, take photos, and again, my imagination projected itself onto the place and it just made for a perfect place,” says Richardson.

She says the book is a fast-paced narrative and is only the first of many books to share this same setting.

“The flow is very quick. The flow is very fast. Things happen and things happen very rapidly. This is part of a museum mystery series and all of the books are going to have nude in the title.”

Richardson adds that the book is full of humor and is ideal for any reader.

"Nude Descending a Staircase" by Joyce Richardson